Citrix CloudBridge

Citrix CloudBridge connects enterprise datacentres to external clouds and hosting environments, making the cloud a secure extension of the enterprise network. Citrix CloudBridge is a complete network solution—available as a standalone physical or virtual appliance or integrated into NetScaler Platinum—that sits at the “back door” of the enterprise datacentre, where it enables enterprises to transparently shift web and app servers to the cloud while keeping sensitive data assets (including databases and corporate directories) safely on-premise. With Citrix CloudBridge, enterprises can augment their datacentres with the infinite capacity and elastic efficiency provided by cloud providers.

Features of Citrix CloudBridge

Citrix CloudBridge lowers the risk and reduces the effort and cost for enterprises to move production workloads to the cloud by:

•Making the cloud provider network look like a natural extension of the enterprise datacentre network, which minimizes the need to make major network changes and reduces application configuration drift

•Encrypting the connection between the enterprise premise and the cloud provider so that all data in transit is secure

•Optimizing the performance and bandwidth of the enterprise-to-cloud network connection, allowing otherwise tightly coupled tiers like the app tier and data tier to be split and making it easier to use external cloud capacity

•Maintaining consistency in how end-users access applications

Burst to Cloud Services

IT organizations need to take advantage of the power of the cloud while leveraging the security of the datacentre. Add capacity to existing in-house applications. Protect business continuity without costly capital investment at remote locations. Citrix helps IT approach these issues with a vision for a Service Delivery Network (SDN) “fabric” that can transparently aggregate and deliver services across enterprise datacenters and external clouds. Citrix CloudBridge builds out the promise of the SDN by enabling IT to connect datacenters to the cloud no matter the platform they or their providers choose—physical or virtual, no matter the vendor—without changing how end users access applications.