NetScaler Consultancy

As fully accredited and authorized Citrix CSA partners, and recognized leaders in deploying CloudStack Citrix CloudPlatform clouds, we are uniquely positioned to bring the integration’s and enhancements that NetScaler brings to Cloud platforms.

ShapeBlue are experts in the design and deployment of the following Netscaler platforms

Our approach

 All deployments are unique, with differing timescales, business objectives and budgets. We understand that, so will seek first to understand your specific requirements through business and technology assessment workshops.

 A typical cloud networking engagement would comprise some or all of the following phases, dependent on client requirements:

 Requirement gathering and assessment

  •  What is the context of the project?
  • Who are the business sponsors?
  • What are the principle deliverables and timescales?
  • What is the technology landscape?
  • What resource is available?

Proof of concept (if required)

  • Pre-PoC application analysis to understand your application architecture, traffic flows and user actions
  • Initial recording of application performance baseline metrics for comparison on completion of PoC
  • Definition and agreement of Success Criteria for the PoC
  • Installation and configuration of one or more Citrix NetScaler product(s) and feature-set to achieve the agreed and stated capabilities with the configuration described
  • Initial Operational Acceptance Testing of the NetScaler integration with client management environment
  • End-user functionality testing of target application(s) to ensure expected behavior is maintained or achieved
  • Recording of application performance metrics post-installation of Citrix NetScaler

Consultancy engagement

  •  Typical deliverables are analyses of the requirement gathering phase, in conjunction with our service delivery team and lead consultant
  • A high-level design that is a component-dependency description of the target platform
  • A low-level design that describes the platform we have built during the engagement. This is includes the detailed configuration settings of the NetScaler systems to enable them to be easily reproduced
  • Low level system setup and implementation e.g.: Admin AAA, – Syslog / app flow, NTP setup
  •  Relevant configurations with advanced monitoring as required, e.g.: Cloud Bridging, SSL Offload, GSLB configuration, Performance tuning, Basic setup and testing of Integrated Caching
  • Functional test with a validation of the requirements / success criteria
  • Documentation ‘as built’

Handover into production

Technical and procedural handover for licensing management, hardware maintenance and in-life support/escalations.


Assessment of internal resource training requirements (if required)