Citrix CloudGateway

Citrix CloudGateway is the industry’s first unified service broker that aggregates, controls and delivers Windows, web, SaaS and mobile apps to any device, anywhere. CloudGateway provides end-users with an intuitive single point of access and self-service to all of their business apps on any device anywhere. It also provides IT with a comprehensive single point of aggregation and control for all apps and users.


CloudGateway helps IT and users

•Deliver all apps. Go beyond Windows apps to aggregate, control and deliver all apps including web, SaaS, mobile apps and data.

•Unified—not siloed. IT no longer needs to create and manage individual/siloed processes and tools to add new devices, user types and apps.

•Regain control and eliminate chaos. IT can manage and secure corporate IP, apps and data by unifying and automating controls for apps, devices and identities.

• Empower users by giving them every app they need in a unified, self-service app catalog that is available from any device, anywhere.