Download Our Apache CloudStack Guide

This POC guide gives you all the guidance you need to perform a successful Proof of Concept of Apache CloudStack.

By following this guide, you will be prepared for what to expect from the technology and how to move into production. The guide gives detailed configuration information. At the end of this PoC, you will have a highly available, reliable and flexible CloudStack-powered cloud.

Following this guide should allow you to feel confident enough in setting up and managing a CloudStack IaaS environment and should give a smooth implementation of the cloud orchestration layer in your infrastructure.

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What’s Inside?

Meet the Author

Marco Sinhoreli, Technical Marketing Manager at ShapeBlue

Marco Sinhoreli works as a Technical Marketing Manager at ShapeBlue. Marco has a depth of experience in helping big organisations implement CloudStack. He has been consulting major companies in Brazil for their CloudStack environments. In addition, he has a strong understanding of the struggle that cloud builders and IaaS providers can experience and how open-source technologies and ACS can help them. Away from work, Marco is a lover of music (playing a mean guitar) and politics.