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VPC to VPC VPN configuration in CloudStack

Introduction Configuring connectivity between CloudStack hosted VPCs can be done by either using private gateways – which has to be configured by CloudStack root administrators to use dedicated network segments – or by using VPC-to-VPC connections, which can be configured by the CloudStack end user without admin input. In this blog post we will cover how to configure the VPC-to-VPC VPN connections and ensuring that these are up and working as expected. This is covered in the CloudStack administration guide – but the terms used may be unfamiliar to anyone new to CloudStack and VPC networking, and we hope to add some clarity […]

Dynamic Roles in CloudStack | CloudStack Feature Deep Dive

Introduction Managing user roles has been a pain for a while, as the model of having a commands.properties file that defines roles and their permissions can be hard to comprehend and use. Due to this, not many CloudStack users made any changes to the default harcoded roles and further enhanced roles. Therefore, ShapeBlue has taken the opportunity to rewrite the Roles-Based Access Control (RBAC) unit into a Dynamic Roles model. The changes allows CloudStack Root Admin to create new roles with customised permissions from the CloudStack UI by allowing / denying specific APIs. It deprecates the old fashioned commands.properties file and transfers all the […]