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CloudStack Collaboration Conference 2023 Event Roundup

The 2023 edition of the CloudStack Collaboration Conference occurred from November 23rd to 24th, serving as the primary gathering for the global Apache CloudStack community. This annual hybrid event convenes developers, operators, and users with the purpose of discussing and advancing the open-source software, exploring its functionalities, and addressing real-world operability. Attendees gain insights into the CloudStack family, interact with community leaders, project members, and contributors. Organised by dedicated volunteers from the Apache CloudStack Community, the conference was held at the voco hotel in Porte de Clichy, Paris. Drawing participation from over 350 individuals from 30+ countries, the event featured […]


Building Next-Generation IaaS | Virtual Event Roundup

On October 10th, ShapeBlue, Ampere Computing and LINBIT held a joint virtual event – Building Next-Generation IaaS. The event explored how the synergy between ARM, Apache CloudStack and LINBIT’s storage solutions can achieve a formidable price-to-performance ratio. There were a total of 3 sessions held by speakers from all 3 organisations. Continue reading to learn more about the sessions from the event, and to access each session’s slides and recordings. Session 1 – Updates to Apache CloudStack and LINBIT SDS   In this session, speakers Giles Sirett and Philipp Reisner shared insights into CloudStack and LINBIT. Giles detailed Apache CloudStack’s […]


Mastering CloudStack with ShapeBlue’s Apache CloudStack Online Bootcamps

Companies choosing to adopt Apache CloudStack as part of their infrastructure have several options. Either to hire CloudStack professionals to help them by providing support, or to train their own staff. Those choosing the latter option can enrol their employee in our remote bootcamps, which are regularly held throughout the year, rather than doing the learning curve alone, which can be inefficient and much more time-consuming. ShapeBlue’s Apache CloudStack Online Bootcamps offer an opportunity for companies seeking to excel in cloud infrastructure management. By registering for these bootcamps, you gain access to comprehensive, expert-led training that covers all aspects of […]


Virtual Event- Building Next-Generation IaaS: LINBIT, Apache CloudStack & Ampere

  On October 10th, ShapeBlue, together with the leading SDS vendor LINBIT and the first Cloud Native Processor supplier – Ampere, are hosting a 1-day virtual event, which will delve into how IaaS providers can build a super-fast and reliable infrastructure while ensuring cost efficiency and reducing carbon footprints. In today’s economy, where staying competitive is paramount, IaaS providers and cloud builders are constantly seeking ways to optimize their operations, reduce costs, and enhance performance. This pursuit of efficiency often leads companies to explore innovative technologies that can reshape their IT infrastructure and ensure long-term reliability. The virtual event organised […]

Apache CloudStack and Terraform Solution Brief

IT solution providers must meet the need for a wide range of services within a limited timeframe. A company’s competitiveness heavily relies on its ability to promptly offer IT solutions or provide infrastructure. To achieve this, companies must leverage tools that enable them to deliver new features, scalability, and infrastructure almost instantly. Every organization wants efficient, scalable, and reliable IT infrastructure. Automation tools increase agility, enhance employee productivity, and reduce security risks by eliminating manual errors through the standardization of process. When discussing infrastructure automation, we usually consider infrastructure provisioning – getting and setting the physical components required to run […]

ShapeBlueCon 2023 Roundup

Last week the ShapeBlue team flew in from all corners of the globe to the Lake District, UK, for ShapeBlue Con 2023. The event is our company’s annual get-together which provides an opportunity for developing interpersonal relationships, collaborating on new and existing ideas and ultimately having a good time together. As a remote team, we believe getting together as a collective in person is essential. As, ultimately it provides the opportunity for many conversations to be had, which would not take place virtually.  Through all the collaborative activities and conversations taking place during ShapeBlue Con, each team member develops and […]

CloudStack European User Group 2023 Roundup

CloudStack European User Group 2023 took place on the 4th May. ShapeBlue is proud to have supported the event, taking place in London. We would also like to take the chance to thank the other sponsors –  Your.Online and StorPool. Three of our own held their own sessions at the user group – Giles Sirett, Lucian Burlacu and Alex Mattioli. For community members unable to attend the event in London, CSEUG was live-streamed on Apache CloudStack’s YouTube channel. Below you can find each session’s recording. Welcome, Giles Sirett Session description: Giles Sirett, CEO of ShapeBlue and Chairman of CSEUG, gives an […]

New to the Community l Meet The Team

Hello all, my name is Jamie Pell. I am from the UK, but I am currently based in Phuket, Thailand. I joined ShapeBlue in March as a Marketing Specialist and have loved every minute of being part of this motivated, friendly and ambitious team. I started my career in marketing by working as a Digital Marketing Intern at Bali International Film Festival. After this, I had worked in digital marketing for a natural health supplement company, Eudeamon, followed by setting up my own company Speak For Less. I decided to pursue a career in marketing as I am passionate about […]

CloudStack Collaboration Conference 2022 Hybrid Event Roundup

Taking place on 14th-16th November 2022 in Sofia, Bulgaria, the CloudStack Collaboration Conference 2022 was a hybrid get-together for the global CloudStack community. The event hosted 370+ attendees from 32 countries and 48 speakers. The CloudStack Collaboration Conference impressed all its attendees with an agenda with 38 sessions and workshops from leading CloudStack experts, users and skilful engineers from the open-source world. These included: technical talks, user stories, new features and integration presentations and more. ShapeBlue was excited to be part of the event and to support it as always. CCC 2022 was also sponsored by LINBIT, DIMSI, StorPool, Apiculus […]


CloudStack Integrations: StorPool Storage – High-performance Primary Storage Platform

  Cloud builders worldwide – Managed Services Providers, Hosting Services Providers, Cloud Services Providers, Enterprises, and SaaS Vendors – are always seeking ways to optimize the architecture and cost of their public and private cloud deployments. With Apache CloudStack and StorPool Storage, they can deploy a highly automated cloud that delivers the application performance and reliability their users need while easily addressing changes in user requirements over the long term. The new Solution Brief developed by the Apache CloudStack Community and StorPool aids cloud and storage architects, consultants, administrators, and field practitioners in the design and deployment of reliable, easy-to-manage, […]