Apache CloudStack 4.0 – a first review

  Giles Sirett, Managing Consultant of ShapeBlue, the cloud specialists, takes a first look at Apache CloudStack 4.0. The Apache software foundation yesterday announced their first release of the CloudStack Cloud Management platform. This is the first release from the Apache community since Citrix’s donation of the technology to them in April of this year. […]

CloudStack Collab conference Nov 30- 2 Dec 2012

ShapeBlue are proud to be sponsoring the first CloudStack Collab conference. The event will be between Nov 30 and Dec 2 2012, held at The Venetian, Las Vegas Attendees will enjoy the opportunity to see presentations from the developers contributing to the Apache CloudStack project, as well admins who are using CloudStack to build clouds […]

ShapeBlue help eSkyCity build flexible IaaS cloud to cope with their customers SaaS requirements

  Moving to a cloud-based infrastructure can deliver a number of significant benefits. Whilst these are usually easy to identify and quantify the actual process required to migrate on-premise systems to the cloud can be complex and fraught with problems unless approached in the right way.  Such a problem was faced by Texas based software […]

Citrix Release Cloudplatform 3.0.5 Burbank

Last week Citrix (rather quietly) announced their latest release (3.0.5) of their “CloudPlatform (powered by Apache Cloudstack)” cloud orchestration product. Giles Sirett, Managing Consultant of ShapeBlue has a first look at the new release. 3.0.5, codenamed Burbank, has always been played down by Citrix as a minor release containing mainly bugfixes and only a few […]