Building Next-Generation IaaS | Virtual Event Roundup

On October 10th, ShapeBlue, Ampere Computing and LINBIT held a joint virtual event – Building Next-Generation IaaS. The event explored how the synergy between ARM, Apache CloudStack and LINBIT’s storage solutions can achieve a formidable price-to-performance ratio. There were a total of 3 sessions held by speakers from all 3 organisations. Continue reading to learn […]

OpenStack Alternatives

While OpenStack is known for its modularity, enabling tailored deployments, many users face issues regarding complexity, resource intensiveness, stability concerns, and challenging upgrades. As a result, organizations are exploring OpenStack alternatives. This article provides insights into the top alternatives to OpenStack – Apache CloudStack, VMware vCloud, and OpenNebula.

Cloud Service Providers Seek VMware Alternatives as Broadcom Acquisition Looms

VMware alternatives

Decoupling VMware from the stack accounts for 50% of new CloudStack projects! The Broadcom-VMware deal has created huge uncertainty for many users over the last months. Enterprises may be able to wait to see the final outcome. Still, the service provider space, where margin and long-term product stability are key, is already looking to mitigate […]

Mastering CloudStack with ShapeBlue’s Apache CloudStack Online Bootcamps

Companies choosing to adopt Apache CloudStack as part of their infrastructure have several options. Either to hire CloudStack professionals to help them by providing support, or to train their own staff. Those choosing the latter option can enrol their employee in our remote bootcamps, which are regularly held throughout the year, rather than doing the […]

Virtual Event- Building Next-Generation IaaS: LINBIT, Apache CloudStack & Ampere

On October 10th, ShapeBlue, together with the leading SDS vendor LINBIT and the first Cloud Native Processor supplier – Ampere, are hosting a 1-day virtual event, which will delve into how IaaS providers can build a super-fast and reliable infrastructure while ensuring cost efficiency and reducing carbon footprints. In today’s economy, where staying competitive is […]

Auto Enable / Disable KVM Hosts | CloudStack Feature First Look

Introduction This feature introduces the capability to automatically disable KVM hosts when a customizable health check fails, and automatically re-enable them when the health check subsequently succeeds. This ensures that existing Hosts remain stable and operational, and new Instances will not be deployed on disabled Hosts (existing Instances running on disabled or auto-disabled hosts are […]

How-to-Guide: Migrating to Apache CloudStack from Rovius/CloudPlatform

Migrating to Apache CloudStack from Rovius/CloudPlatform

In recent years, we’ve seen many companies upgrading from Accelerite Cloud Platform (Rovius) and its predecessor Citrix CloudPlatform (which were both single-vendor, commercial products based on Apache CloudStack) to Apache CloudStack itself. Some of the drivers behind their decision are the product stability that a large, global open-source community brings to avoid vendor lock-in and […]

Apache CloudStack and Terraform Solution Brief

IT solution providers must meet the need for a wide range of services within a limited timeframe. A company’s competitiveness heavily relies on its ability to promptly offer IT solutions or provide infrastructure. To achieve this, companies must leverage tools that enable them to deliver new features, scalability, and infrastructure almost instantly. Every organization wants […]

Explore the new release and discover Apache CloudStack 4.19 as a full-featured VMware alternative.