CloudStack European User Group roundup – June 2014 | Roundup

For the June meeting of the CloudStack European User Group, we were welcomed back by our old friends Trend Micro. Many thanks to the guys at Trend for letting us use their great facilities. Our numbers were slightly down from usual, with quite a few last minute cancellations: it’s a little frustrating as we had […]

ShapeBlue South Africa – Launch events

On the 3rd and 4th of July, we officially launched our South Africa practice with two launch events in Johannesburg and in Cape Town. The event in Johannesburg  was kindly hosted by Westcon and the event in Cape Town was at the African Pride Hotel. The objective of these events was to introduce ShapeBlue, explain the […]

Using CloudStack 4.3 with Microsoft Active Directory

CloudStack 4.3 provided further enhancements to the LDAP integration, and in this article we will look at how you configure CloudStack to authenticate against a Microsoft Active Directory Server. Enable AD Integration First step is to tell CloudStack about your Active Directory Servers (yes we can now have more than one) Go to Global Settings […]

Hybrid Enterprise IaaS Cloud – What you need to know

3rd July – Johannesburg 4th July –  Cape Town   Cloud computing models are well established and here to stay. Many organizations in South Africa face the challenge of needing to update legacy systems and practices to keep pace with customer and partner expectations, but have existing investments in technology and skillsets. How to remain […]

How to Mitigate OpenSSL HeartBleed Vulnerability in Apache CloudStack

UPDATE: 09-Apr-2014 – The proper upgrade command is “apt-get install openssl libssl1.0.0”. If you’ve just updated openssl, please go back and update libssl as well. UPDATE: 10-Apr-2014 – Added detailed verification steps / Apache CloudStack 4.0 – 4.1 are not vulnerable, they use older Debian/openssl. Thanks to all involved for helping to put together and update […]

Deploying CloudStack with Ansible

In this article, Paul Angus Cloud Architect at ShapeBlue takes a look at using Ansible to Deploy an Apache CloudStack cloud. What is Ansible Ansible is a deployment and configuration management tool similar in intent to Chef and Puppet. It allows (usually) DevOps teams to orchestrate the deployment and configuration of their environments without having to […]

Citrix CloudPlatform 4.2 – a first review

With much fanfare, Citrix yesterday formally announced the 4.2 release of their IaaS cloud orchestration technology CloudPlatform. In parallel, the Apache Software Foundation are about to announce version 4.2 of Cloudstack. In this article, Giles Sirett CEO of ShapeBlue gives his first impressions on CloudPlatform 4.2   At ShapeBlue, we’ve had both of these technologies […]

CloudStack 101

What Is Apache CloudStack™ Apache CloudStack™ is an open source software platform that pools computing resources to build Public, Private, and Hybrid Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Clouds. Apache CloudStack manages the Network, Storage, and Compute nodes that make up a Cloud infrastructure. The Story So Far. CloudStack started life as VMOps, a company founded […]

ShapeBlue help Ascenty to design and build leading cloud platform for Brazilian market | Case Studies

The cloud is now an accepted and mature technology utilised by companies of all sizes across the world to enable them to carry out their business smarter and faster. As a result, those organisations that can offer their customers a fast, value-for-money and easy-to-use cloud offering are placing themselves at a significant advantage over their […]

Bangalore cloud conference

 As the world transitions to the cloud era, the convergence of private, enterprise clouds and public cloud services offers exciting new possibilities to IT teams and businesses. This event will give an executive briefing on  the drivers, developments and innovations that are expected to influence the adoption of cloud over the next 12 months.The target […]