CloudStack Architecture Overview

  CloudStack is a Cloud Orchestration platform that pools computing resources to build public, private and hybrid Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) clouds.  CloudStack manages the network, storage, and compute nodes that make up a cloud infrastructure. A CloudStack cloud has a hierarchical structure which enables it to scale to manage tens of thousands of […]

The importance of hypervisor independence

One of the key features of CloudStack over many of it’s competitors is that it is hypervisor agnostic. I love this feature and am excited about what it offers service providers in particular. However, I recently read a post which asked the question: “you can use multiple hypervisors, so what ? what is the likely […]

Citrix Cloudstack 3.0 – a first review

Cloudstack version 3.0 is the first version of the established cloud orchestration technology to be built by Citrix themselves after their acquisition of last year. Giles Sirett, Managing Consultant of ShapeBlue the strategic CloudStack consultancy gives his first impressions of the new version. We’ve had the final beta of CloudStack 3.0 on the bench […]

Who’s building Clouds?

Who would build their own Cloud in 2012? Giles Sirett, Managing Partner of ShapeBlue gives his view of who’s currently building cloud infrastructures. Cloud delivery had been one of the major drivers in the consumerisation of IT and it’s evolution into a utility Services model. So, why would organisations want to build their own cloud? […]

What exactly is Cloudstack

The CloudStack™ platform is a complete software suite used to create Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) clouds. Target customers include service providers and enterprises. The CloudStack platform enables service providers to set up an on-demand, elastic cloud computing service that is similar to the Amazon EC2™ service. It enables a utility computing service by allowing […]

How to beat the VMWare Vtax.

Citrix CloudStack eases the financial impact associated with the “vTax,” the term used by many in the cloud and virtualization communities to refer to the latest update to the VMware vSphere 5 licensing model that added costs to customers’ existing cloud and virtualization implementations.  Since CloudStack can support multiple hypervisors in the same cloud, VMware […]

Cloudstack, Cloud.Com and Citrix. Who’s who?

Many people ask me what is the realtionship between cloudstack, Citrix and This is how Citrix explain it themselves:   Citrix Systems today announced a new edition of CloudStack™, which will feature enhanced support for both the VMware vSphere and Oracle VM hypervisors, enabling VMware and Oracle customers to manage their virtualized servers as […]