CloudStack European User Group – April 2014 | Roundup

We had a great turn out for the April meeting of the CloudStack European User Group on April 2. The meeting was very kindly hosted by BT (British Telecom) at their Showcase Centre in London. I’d been a little worried about attendance because, in my wisdom, I’d decided at organise this meeting a week before […]

CloudStack Collaboration Conference 2014 | Roundup

Thoughts on – CloudStack Collaboration conference NA 2014 We’re under two weeks away from the annual North American CloudStack Collaboration conference (CCCNA14) , an event purely focussed on the Apache CloudStack project, its developers, its users and it ecosystem: in summary, the community. CCCNA14 is in Denver, Colorado 9-11 April and promises over 60 sessions […]

CloudStack European User Group | Summary

The CloudStack European User Group met on Thursday 23rd January for our quarterly meeting. The event was kindly hosted by TrendMicro UK and we would like to thank Simon and Jon for making sure that everybody was comfortable, fed and watered. TrendMicro are one of the many vendors who are actively showing their support for […]

CloudStack Collaboration Conference: Europe’s most significant cloud conference for 2013?

Giles Sirett, CEO of ShapeBlue discusses why the upcoming Cloudstack Collaboration conference in Amsterdam may be a lot more significant than many people think. The title of this article  is bold, I know. A lot of people are going to question whether a conference around a specific open-source project can really be billed as the […]

Webinar Series – Citrix NetScaler for cloud deployments

This series of 2 webinars from ShapeBlue will gives some key insights into using Citrix NetScaler in private & public cloud environments. ShapeBlue are expert builders of public & private clouds. They are the leading independent global CloudStack / CloudPlatform integrator & consultancy and bring a unique insight into deploying cloud enabled networking technologies. Session […]

Build a Cloud Day | Roundup

On Thursday 10th October, the quarterly meeting of the CloudStack European User Group was combined with a Build A Cloud Day – a format for people looking to understand the basics of building clouds using open-source technology. The event  was hosted by our friends ControlCircle: a leading provider of managed and cloud-based services to enterprises […]

CloudStack European User Group | Summary

There was a great turnout for the July meeting of the European CloudStack User Group. It was fantastic to see a good mix of developers, users, integrators and  customers: all in the room ready to share experiences and ideas around CloudStack. One interesting observation was that we had representatives from organisations using Apache CloudStack and […]

Bangalore cloud conference

 As the world transitions to the cloud era, the convergence of private, enterprise clouds and public cloud services offers exciting new possibilities to IT teams and businesses. This event will give an executive briefing on  the drivers, developments and innovations that are expected to influence the adoption of cloud over the next 12 months.The target […]