Citrix NetScaler SDX

Citrix NetScaler SDX is a true service delivery networking platform for enterprise and cloud datacenters. An advanced virtualized architecture supports multiple NetScaler instances on a single hardware appliance, while an advanced control plane unifies provisioning, monitoring and management to meet the most demanding multi-tenant requirements—all with the industry-leading performance of the Citrix NetScaler MPX system architecture. Full resource isolation supports guaranteed performance SLAs as well as high availability, software version control, data separation and independent policy management. Providing a foundation for the consolidation of services in the enterprise, NetScaler SDX is also optimized to deliver next-generation cloud-based services.


When is it used?

Enabling cloud datacentre build-outs

Enterprises leveraging cloud infrastructures need the ability to provision networking capabilities on-demand to meet dynamic application needs. As applications shift from the enterprise Datacentre to a cloud environment, much of the application delivery functionality supporting the application must also migrate. NetScaler SDX distributes flexible NetScaler application delivery capabilities across multiple applications running in the cloud through a common control plane—while providing the full reliability and performance of NetScaler hardware.

Supporting datacentre consolidation

Enterprise datacentres are migrating to virtual architectures that share resources across business units and individual applications, and increasingly orchestrated private clouds are becoming part of the fabric. As part of the process, organizations are consolidating networking services and collapsing multiple network appliances into a single, scalable platform that can support the datacentre requirements. NetScaler SDX is the ideal platform to enable this service consolidation within the virtual datacentre while continuing to preserve the necessary traffic isolation and performance and service levels expected by application owners.

NetScaler SDX is ideally suited to collapsing legacy appliances onto a single, scalable platform well suited to cloud environments.

True Multi-tenancy

Virtual datacentres enable key services to be delivered efficiently to individual tenants such as internal business units, individual application owners and external service provider customers. NetScaler SDX satisfies multi-tenant requirements by:

  • Running completely independent NetScaler instances—with separate policies—to deliver all NetScaler capabilities
  • Providing complete isolation of traffic among clients to meet compliance requirements
  • Supporting different NetScaler software versions to meet the lifecycle needs of each client
  • Maintaining separate IP addressing for easy deployment into virtual datacenters