CSForgeRapid deployment framework for Apache CloudStack IaaS Clouds

CSForge is a framework developed by ShapeBlue to deliver the rapid deployment of a standardised CloudStack powered IaaS cloud for small production deployments, or medium scale POCs or pilots. The framework can be used as a basis for public cloud or enterprise private cloud deployments

CSForge allows organisations to avoid the lock-in often associated with software vendors, but gives a  fixed-price, low risk approach and the peace of mind of having the backing of commercial support and services.


CSForge gives:

  • A pre-built, tested, and proven deployment methodology
  • the deployment of a based CloudStack cloud on between 3 and 24 compute hosts with 1-2 management hosts
  • The ability to avoid vendor lock-in by exploiting opensource technology
  • A workshop & training programme that allows you to fully exploit the possibilities of an IaaS environment
  • Automated cloud testing tools
  • Automated/scripted deployment of components using industry standard configuration management tools.
  • A known baseline on which to further develop your IaaS environment
  • Predefined capacity planning
  • Out of the box prebuilt operating system templates
  • An SLA based technical support model

CSForge is made up of the following components:

  • Apache CloudStack open source IaaS orchestration platform
  • Open source XenServer hypervisor
  • Pre-built deployment scripts in industry standard configuration management tools
  • System configuration documentation

The CSForge Framework can be  purchased  for environments up to 24 physical hosts in scale.

For further information and pricing, please Contact Us