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CloudMonkey and Europe Flag - CloudStack European User Group London 2018
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Date(s) - 14/03/2019
12:00 pm - 5:30 pm



As always, there will be some great speakers, the chance to meet and collaborate with other CloudStack users, and an informal gathering afterwards over a drink! Lunch from 1200, first talk 1300.

Venue: Ticketmaster, 4 Pentonville Rd, London, N1 9HF


Giles Sirett – Introductions & CloudStack News

Mike Rowell – Ticketmaster’s Road to Cloudstack. Where we were, where we are and where we’re going.

Bobby Stoyanov – A look at some new CloudStack features around VM deployment and configuration. These new features include: more sophisticated options for specifying pod and cluster while deploying a VM; running and retrieving diagnostics on the VR; sending additional configuration to VMs; and adding options to cleanup additional data disks when destroying a VM.

Grégoire Lamodière – Using message broker to extend cloud features. Many use cases involve communication between CloudStack admin (provider) and instances (end user) regarding configuration, build and management. DIMSI team present a communication framework that enables managing user infrastructure on Windows and Linux systems from a centralized panel.

Wido den Hollander – Flexible networking is a requirement for scaling a cloud environment. Regular L2 VLANs have their limitations when it comes to scalability, and VXLAN overcomes these limitations making it easier to scale out your CloudStack deployment. As of CloudStack 4.12, VXLAN can use IPv6, and Wido will talk about Advanced networking + IPv6 + VXLAN which he is putting into production right now with the 4.12 release.

Boyan Ivanov – Why latency is the #1 metric of your Cloud. No two clouds are the same. Yet the leading clouds all have one thing in common: they deliver on metrics, which matter to the customer. In this session we’ll dissect leading clouds, to show why low latency is the thing that makes a cloud stand out.


Giles Sirett is a committer and PMC member of the Apache CloudStack project, and Chairman of the European CloudStack User Group. He is also CEO & founder of ShapeBlue, the leading independent CloudStack integrator & consultancy.. He has worked with many high-profile organisations, helping them strategise, design and implement CloudStack based clouds. Giles is an active contributor to the Apache CloudStack project and has spoken at all CloudStack Collaboration conferences, Linuxcon, and other events.

Mike Rowell comes from a background of 20 years in systems infrastructure starting with Solaris, through to Linux and everywhere in between. Mike is currently director of the platform infrastructure team at Ticketmaster International.

Boris Stoyanov is a Software Engineer (testing) at ShapeBlue and is an experienced QA and test automation developer with background in different business domains and tools. He’s been in the CloudStack family since 2016 and has tested most of the new features and releases of CloudStack since then. In his spare time, he enjoys travel, sports and family.

Grégoire Lamodière is CEO and founder of DIMSI, a French cloud service provider. Grégoire is a software architect who spends most of his time designing infrastructure applications and CRM systems. In his spare time, he loves going to the emergency room with one of his 3 young kids for broken legs, arms and all other child surprises!

Wido den Hollander has been a member of the CloudStack community since 2012. In the past years he has become a committer, VP and has contributed many features and bugfixes. CloudStack, IPv6, Ceph and KVM are his main focus as his Dutch hosting company, PCextreme, uses CloudStack+Ceph+IPv6 for their cloud offerings.

Boyan Ivanov is the Co-Founder & CEO of StorPool Storage. Boyan startеd programming at the age of 10, before realising entrepreneurship is his passion, leading him to be involved with all kind of ventures ever since, working for companies big and small in IT & finance and starting several companies. Boyan is currently devoted to helping companies build fast, reliable and efficient public & private clouds.

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