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Date(s) - 17/08/2017
12:30 pm - 5:30 pm

BT Centre showcase


As always, there will be some great speakers, the chance to meet and collaborate with other CloudStack users, and an informal gathering afterwards over a drink!

Venue: BT Centre Showcase, 81 Newgate Street London England EC1A 7AJ

PLEASE NOTE: the last two user groups have sold out and we’ve had a waiting list for places. Please ensure you can attend before booking tickets


Welcome and CloudStack news – Giles Sirett, Chairman CSEUUG

Leveraging VMware Storage I/O Control in CloudStack – Mike Tutkowski, Solidfire

Learn the basics of VMware SIOC and how it can be leveraged through a new CloudStack API plug-in. In a cloud environment, guaranteeing performance to storage volumes can be a challenge. For one, most storage vendors do not provide the necessary Quality-of-Service (QoS) capabilities. Additionally, even when those capabilities are available, hypervisors like VMware can have a difficult time leveraging them in a scalable fashion.

Mike will discuss how to make use of SolidFire’s guaranteed QoS abilities alongside VMware’s SIOC functionality and how the combination of the two make for a predictable and scalable storage solution in VMware environments.

Policy-Driven SDN in CloudStack – Sigert Goeminne, Nuage Networks

Nuage Networks is technology leading in Software Defined Networking (SDN) and helping Cloud and Telco providers in solving the complexity of networking through policy-driven virtualization, abstraction and automation of networks at scale, in the datacenter and the wide-area network. With more than 3 years of active development in Apache CloudStack, the Nuage Networks Virtualized Cloud Services solution integrates seamlessly with CloudStack’s advanced networking, supporting Shared Networks, Isolated Networks and VPC’s for KVM and ESXI hypervisors. That integration is bidirectional in the way that networks can be provisioned in CloudStack and be programmed into Nuage, as can be provisioned as advanced networking topologies within Nuage and be consumed from CloudStack. Empowered with SDN, operators can boost their clouds with networking scalability and performance which through native VR networking cannot be met.

CloudStack and NFV – Paul Angus, ShapeBlue

Paul takes a look at the relevance of NFV in Cloudstack orchestrated environments and how CloudStack can be leveraged to both accelerate NFV delivery within operator organisations and also to deliver NFV functionality to end-users. Paul will discuss the core concepts of NFV, emerging standards and how these are relevant to CloudStack. He will also look in detail at a new initiative in CloudStack, allowing it to support complex virtualised network topologies for end-users.

CloudStack-UI: origin, purpose, roadmap and architectural notes – Ilya Zolotukhin, Bitworks (co-presenting with Ivan Kudriavtsev)

Ilya will introduce a new project – CloudStack UI – which is a trial of rethinking and redevelopment of the classic Apache CloudStack UI with new stack of web development technologies (Angular 4, TypeScript, Material Design Lite). He will discuss how and why the project was started, current results and future plans, explain what an average IaaS/PaaS user expects from the perspective of public cloud ISP HelpDesk, demonstrate interface of UI and its core differences from the native UI.

Monitoring CloudStack and Components – Alexander Stock, Bit.Group GmbH

Monitoring is an key part of operating and maintaining a cloud environment. In the first part of this talk Alexander will show how Cloudstack and the components it depends on can be monitored . In the second part Alexander Stock will show how its possible to build a central monitoring system which can be used by the customers too.

Running CloudStack with IPv6 – Wido Den Hollender

Wido will talk about his experience of implementing IPv6 in a production CloudStack environment, the challenges he faced and the successful outcomes for his organisation and their customer. Wido will also discuss the broader implications of IPv6 with CloudStack.


Giles Sirett is a committer and PMC member of the Apache CloudStack project, and Chairman of the European CloudStack User Group. He is also CEO & founder of ShapeBlue, the leading independent CloudStack integrator & consultancy. He has worked with many high-profile organisations, helping them strategise, design and implement CloudStack based clouds. Giles is an active contributor to the Apache CloudStack project and has spoken at all CloudStack Collaboration conferences, Linuxcon, and other events.

Mike Tutkowski is the Senior CloudStack Developer at SolidFire. Mike develops software for the Apache Software Foundation’s CloudStack project. He is experienced in CloudStack storage, a member of the Project Management Committee for the Apache CloudStack project, and plays a critical role in developing and expanding SolidFire’s integration with CloudStack.

Paul Angus is VP Technology / Cloud Architect for ShapeBlue and an Apache CloudStack Committer. He consults with a number of large service providers and enterprises and is responsible for ShapeBlue’s technical strategy. Paul regularly speaks at CloudStack conferences as well as for Ansible at a number of events. Paul has worked with clients such as Centrica, Orange Telecom, SunGard AS, Slovak Telecom, Paddy Power, Sky, TomTom, SAP and British Telecom.

Ilya Zolotukhin is a passionate software engineer who works for BitWorks Software -he has been dedicating himself to front-end software development for the last 6 years. He has committed to large software development projects for online-advertising industry and acquired very solid skills in business frontend interfaces development which involve sophisticated client-side logic and operation with large amounts of data

Alexander Stock works for BIT.Group GmbH as Senior Architect in Dresden since 2010, focusing on implementation and automation of large cloud environments. His main topic is the design of monitoring infrastructures and developing of several kinds of checks

Wido den Hollander is CTO and co-owner of PCextreme B.V., a leading dutch hosting company. He also spends time helping organisations with Ceph and CloudStack via his company 42on B.V. He is a committer in the Apache CloudStack project.

Sigert Goeminne is a software engineer at Nuage Networks in Antwerp where he contributes to the development of the Nuage CloudStack plugin. As a software engineer he has a strong interest in software defined networking, security and cloud related solutions.