Migrating to Apache CloudStack from Rovius/CloudPlatform

Benefit from product stability that a global open-source community brings, avoid vendor lock-in and achieve cost efficiency, improved security and compliance.


In recent years, many companies have been upgrading from Accelerite Cloud Platform (Rovius) and its predecessor Citrix CloudPaltform (which were both single-vendor, commercial products based on Apache CloudStack) to Apache CloudStack itself. Some of the drivers behind their decision are the product stability that a large, global open-source community brings; to avoid vendor lock-in; and the flexibility of a real open-source solution. In addition, they strive to achieve cost efficiency and improved security and compliance. Last but not least, companies often have specific requirements for their cloud infrastructure and services, which is much easier to accomplish with an open-source platform.

Apache CloudStack is widely adopted globally, is being deployed in more and more production environments, and is operated by many of the world’s largest companies. It’s a testament to the stability of Apache CloudStack that many organisations run it in production without external assistance (although problems with the platform can be discussed with the CloudStack community). However, some organisations prefer to partner with us at ShapeBlue – we provide a 24/7 SLA-based support service to many enterprise CloudStack users.

The benefits of migrating to Apache CloudStack:

  • Better reliability
  • Access to the latest community features
  • No vendor lock-in
  • Consistent and faster release cycles
  • Get involved in the CloudStack roadmap
  • Get help, seek advice, and share experience with a larger community

This How-to Guide provides high-level steps to upgrade from an existing, production deployment of CloudPlatform to Apache CloudStack. ShapeBlue has extensive experience in these migrations and has migrated many organizations to Apache CloudStack without downtime. Following the steps outlined below will significantly de-risk these upgrades.

The Upgrade Process: What is included in the migration guide?

• Getting ready for the upgrade process
• Toolbox required
• Differences between Accelerite Cloud Platform (Rovius) and Apache CloudStack
• dbForge Schema Compare and Data Compare tools:

– SCHEMA compare tool
– Data Compare tool
– Risks with DB changes

• High-level upgrade steps
• Production DB upgrade
• PRE-UPGRADE database cleanup
• POST-UPGRADE database cleanup
• GUEST_OS table specifics

How-to Guide: Migrating to Apache CloudStack from Rovius/CloudPlatform

A detailed guide on how to upgrade from Accelerite Cloud Platform (Rovius) to Apache CloudStack and ensure your long-term reliability.

Explore the new release and discover Apache CloudStack 4.19 as a full-featured VMware alternative.