Fueled by NetApp

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In order to ensure service providers using SolidFire in their core infrastructure platform achieve their desired business outcomes, the Fueled by NetApp consulting team is committed to assisting with the development, productization, and promotion of the solutions they take to market.

The Fueled by NetApp consulting team is comprised of trusted service provider industry-experienced advisors that can assist NetApp SolidFire customers succeed in the service provider industry. Whether an enterprise or a managed hosting service provider, the Fueled by NetApp program helps SolidFire customers understand how our next generation storage architecture can have the greatest impact on driving business transformation that achievesboth short-term and long-term strategic initiatives and realize business goals.

We have designed the Fueled by NetApp program to be as innovative as the storage platform we provide and to become the trusted adviser and catalyst for process improvement as well as quantifiable business transformation. Core to the Fueled by NetApp program is the understanding that every customer interaction is focused on how to maximize the return on investment from NetApp SolidFire technology and to further the service provider’s position as an ideal partner enabling the delivery, consumption, and support of enterprise IT services.

The ability to accelerate solution deployment, shorten the time it takes to achieve a positive ROI, and develop innovative solutions that help differentiate them in the hosting marketplace are key deliverables of the Fueled by NetApp consultancy program.

In order to achieve these, there are a number of primary goals that this program addresses.

These are summarized below:

Productization assistance

Participants in the Fueled by NetApp program will have access to specialized productization resources to act as subject matter experts in storage product management. These resources will work with your product teams and provide assistance with solutions pricing, packaging, and SLA creation.

Go-to-market planning workshop

SolidFire’s distributed storage architecture opens up many new positioning and product opportunities to hosting services providers, so a key component of the Fueled by NetApp program is the go-to-market planning workshop. This planning workshop takes place on the customer premises and helps hosting providers understand the financial possibilities offered by implementing NetApp SolidFire storage.

Service provider AE and SE training programs

We believe that the more educated service providers’ account executives are about SolidFire storage, the more successful they will be in delivering the solution value proposition. Working with account executives and field sales engineers, the SolidFire program manager will coordinate training as requested.

Quarterly Business Reviews (QBR)

Measurement of success is key to our partnership. Your account executive, your sales engineer, and the SolidFire program manager will work with you quarterly to ensure you are receiving the support that you need to deliver your Fueled by NetApp solutions. In the QBR we also develop a quarterly plan for co-marketing activities and lead-generation programs.