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The heart of your NetApp solution is the software that you depend on to manage, move, and monitor your systems and data. Proper installation, use, and maintenance of your NetApp software is key to maximizing availability in your environment and enabling your NetApp solution to deliver the benefits that you expect.

Optimize the availability and performance of your NetApp software with the NetApp Software Support Plan. From installation to operation to maintenance, NetApp’s live, cloud, and digital resources provide comprehensive support whenever, wherever, and however you need it.

The Software Support Plan provides 24/7 remote access to NetApp technical experts who can help guide you through the initial installation process, interpret software errors, and isolate system problems in your software ecosystem. The service also offers access to enhancements, patches, and bug fixes so that your NetApp software is up to date and can run at peak performance.

To help keep your software environment up and running, Active IQ remote support tools help proactively identify issues and alert you when upgrades and patches are available. With front-to-back management of the health and performance of NetApp systems and software, Active IQ includes predictive analysis that identifies your susceptibility to known bugs and issues that are actionable. Active IQ provides not only notifications, but also actionable recommendations.

The NetApp Support site provides access to comprehensive documentation and a knowledge base that offer additional support pathways and provide best practices for implementing and for using your NetApp software. If you have questions about your software, our 24/7 omnichannel digital support can give you answers instantly, using the device and browser of your choice.