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The success of your business depends on how well your IT environment works for you. Resolving issues as they happen is not enough. To achieve maximum efficiency while minimizing risk, you need someone with a thorough understanding of your operations and goals: someone who can leverage years of knowledge and experience with NetApp technologies.

Balance the reactive services provided by NetApp SupportEdge Premium or SupportEdge Secure for Government with personalized, proactive support from a NetApp Support Account Manager (SAM). With a deep knowledge of NetApp support processes and personnel and an in-depth understanding of your environment, a SAM helps you optimize your NetApp infrastructure and reduce risk when planning changes in your storage environment.

With a SAM aligned to your business, you can reduce your operational costs and maximize the return on your storage infrastructure investments.
The Support Account Manager works directly with your team to develop deep knowledge of your NetApp environment, business goals, and service history.

This knowledge, combined with regular assessment of the health of your storage environment, enables your SAM to identify, predict, and proactively address potential risks. Customers with a SAM report up to 57% fewer disruptions. The SAM also educates your IT team about the NetApp infrastructure best practices, tools, and resources needed to minimize risk and enable greater storage system efficiency. Because the SAM is an “insider” both in your company and in NetApp, your business objectives are well understood, and communication is streamlined.

The Support Account Manager acts as a liaison with various NetApp groups and resources to assist in providing the highest level of risk management and support services. The SAM reviews and oversees all of your NetApp support activity and regularly advises your team on how to enable the highest levels of efficiency and availability in your NetApp storage environment.

With 24/7 oversight, your SAM can quickly identify potential risks and engage the appropriate technical resources to expedite resolution, keeping you informed of progress every step of the way.