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Every minute without access to critical business data means lost revenue, productivity and opportunities. Data must be available when you need it. Although your warranty covers basic hardware problems, most downtime is not caused by defective hardware, and in a situation you need immediate help.

SupportEdge services combine the industry-leading advanced predictive intelligence of Active IQ with 24/7 support. Active IQ can automatically identify problems before they affect your business, open cases, and even send out hardware. You can depend on NetApp SupportEdge services to increase uptime and availability, provide predictive risk analysis, and deliver advanced remote support.

NetApp has three SupportEdge offerings to meet your business requirements.

SupportEdge Premium.

This service is for systems that require optimal performance, high availability, and expedited support. It combines innovative remote troubleshooting and resolution capabilities with expert on-site resources, when needed, to deliver support for the most demanding IT operations and application ecosystems.

SupportEdge Standard.

This service is for systems that do not require premium support but that still need remote technical support, software support, and fast delivery and installation of replacement parts.

SupportEdge Secure for Government.

This support level is tailored to the needs of U.S. government organizations. It delivers premium support while providing flexibility in meeting your demanding security requirements.