NetApp – OnCommand Insight IT Infrastructure Monitoring

Optimize your workload placement and IT spend: Make informed decisions by monitoring and troubleshooting your entire infrastructure.

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Intelligent Operations

Monitor across your multivendor on-premises systems and cloud resources to ensure you meet your SLAs.

Troubleshoot to find IT failures immediately—before they become big problems.

Informed Decisions

Optimize your IT infrastructure to ensure applications are running on the right tier. Reclaim unused resources to reduce cost.

Justify your costs with show-back reporting to create accountability and business alignment.

Read what users are saying.

NetApp OCI

Gain insights into your hybrid-cloud infrastructure

Learn how to make the best decisions on where to run your applications and workloads. Read the IDC Analyst Connection report.

Primary Use Cases


Gain end-to-end visibility of your infrastructure to ensure you meet your SLAs.


Increase customer satisfaction by reducing your mean time to repair (MTTR).


Make informed decisions that lead to reclaimed resources and reduced IT spend.


Improve your show-back reporting to align IT costs with the business.