ShapeBlue provides consultancy and delivery of IaaS cloud design using Cloudstack technologies.

We work with customers in the following sectors:

  • IT Managed Service providers

Many IT organisations have built infrastructures which they are using to deliver hosted services to their clients. Often these infrastructures have grown organically and are proving costly to maintain. Cloud Orchestration with Cloudstack overcomes these efficiency problems.

We help these companies to realise the benefit of moving to a IaaS delivery model and how best to do it with their existing infrastructure. We combine this with assistance in the commercialisation and delivery of IaaS services to the market.

  • Telco and Hosting providers

Put simply, the bigger the virtualised infrastructure, the more margin can be generated by moving to a true IaaS offering. Anybody with compute power and storage space can now use Cloudstack to deliver a true IaaS offering.

  • Enterprises

It is our belief that consumers of compute power within a large enterprise should be able to purchase that power on a commodity, IaaS, basis. Currently, we see many organisations not properly exploiting their own processing and storage infrastructures and having large overhead costs in the management of compute power. However, the same organisation are often prepared to use external IaaS services for test and development platforms.

Moving to an internal IaaS model allows application, development and other teams to request compute power on demand. It allows far greater flexibility, scalability and efficiency than a traditional virtualisation model.