“Nobody has more expertise of running CloudStack in production than ShapeBlue.”

“I would highly recommend ShapeBlue to anyone working on Apache CloudStack. They have such in depth knowledge of Cloudstack coupled with the experience of working with it in the real world.”

“CloudStack is able to deliver all the functionality we require to manage our cloud infrastructure in a simple, yet comprehensive way.”

“…more knowledge and experience implementing and supporting Cloudstack in production environments than any other company.”

“We made the right decision in choosing ShapeBlue. They were a pleasure to work with and completed all the work on time and within budget. I would fully recommend ShapeBlue to any organisation.”

About ShapeblueAbout Shapeblue
Cloudstack Infrastructure Support
Cloudstack Software Engineering
IaaS Cloud Design and BuildIaaS Cloud Design and Build
Cloudstack Consultancy
Cloudstack Training
CForge Framework

About Shapeblue

ShapeBlue are the largest independent integrator of CloudStack technologies globally and are specialists in the design and implementation of IaaS cloud infrastructures for both private and public cloud implementations.

We combine 100’s of man-years of experience in designing and building complex network, storage and compute infrastructures with globally leading skills in Apache CloudStack.

CloudStack® Infrastructure Support

Our CloudStack® Infrastructure Support Service provides 2nd – 4th line remote support of your entire CloudStack® infrastructure. All of our engineers are experts in CloudStack®, and many are contributors in the Apache CloudStack™ project. Our engineers have worked with us building some of the world’s largest CloudStack® infrastructures, and regularly work with enterprises around the world trouble-shooting live, production environments.

ShapeBlue are currently the only global provider of support services to Apache CloudStack™.

CloudStack Software Engineering

ShapeBlue offers software engineering and software development services to develop features & integration for Apache CloudStack.

Our software engineering team is heavily focused on CloudStack and  has numerous CloudStack project contributors and committers, who work directly on the  ongoing development of the technology.

ShapeBlue is one of the top  contributors to the CloudStack project.

IaaS Cloud Design and Build

ShapeBlue are specialists in the design and implementation of IaaS cloud infrastructures for both private and public cloud implementations.

We combine 100’s of man-years of experience in designing and building complex network, storage and compute infrastructures with globally leading skills in CloudStack, Citrix Cloudplatform and Citrix CloudPortal.

Cloudstack Consulting

ShapeBlue provides the professional expertise wrapper around Apache CloudStack™ both in terms of technical expertise and expertise in the commercialisation of cloud services.

ShapeBlue are able to work in a consultancy model or on a deliverable project basis. Nearly all projects involve a degree of collaboration and training with internal IT resource.

CloudStack® Training

Apache CloudStack Bootcamp Training Course

These fast paced training courses will give you the core skills needed to build and operate your CloudStack® cloud. The courses are a combination of instructor led learning and hands-on labs.

Online Courses

Our online, instructor led, courses are run over a 5 day period (NORTH AMERICA) or a 2 day period (EUROPE). All of our courses are limited to 12 students to ensure everyone gets thorough attention.


Rapid deployment framework for Apache CloudStack IaaS Clouds

CSForge is a framework developed by ShapeBlue to deliver the rapid deployment of a standardised CloudStack powered IaaS cloud for small production deployments, or medium scale POCs or pilots. The framework can be used as a basis for public cloud or enterprise private cloud deployments

CSForge allows organisations to avoid the lock-in often associated with software vendors, but gives a fixed-price, low risk approach and the peace of mind of having the backing of commercial support and services.


Shapeblue aproveita o poder do Kubernetes e do CloudStack para dar aos Provedores de Serviço de Nuvem uma oferta perfeita de Container como Serviço

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A Shapeblue, The CloudStack Company, e Skippbox anunciaram a primeira versão de CloudStack Container Service: um software que possibilita os Provedores de Serviços de Nuvem ofertar Container como Serviço (CaaS) em seus ambientes IaaS CloudStack…

ShapeBlue Ajuda a RNP a Implementar Nuvem Apache CloudStack em Data Centers Baseados em Contêineres no Brasil

A Rede Nacional de Ensino e Pesquisa (RNP) é a NREN do Brasil, ou Rede Nacional de Pesquisa e Educação, e foi criada em 1989. Seu backbone da rede acadêmica começou a ser construído em 1991. A RNP possui 27 pontos de presença, um em cada…

USP migra para a plataforma de código aberto Apache Cloudstack para executar a maior nuvem educacional da América Latina

, , ,
Rio de Janeiro, 21 de abril de 2015 A ShapeBlue - uma empresa focada no Apache CloudStack, anunciou hoje que foi selecionada para ajudar a Universidade de São Paulo a expandir e melhorar sua enorme nuvem privada, migrando para a tecnologia…

Desativação do Serviço Realhostip.Com

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O serviço realhostip.com será descontinuado em 1 de outubro de 2014. Neste artigo, Paul Angus, Arquiteto de Cloud da ShapeBlue, explica como o serviço funciona, qual efeito terá a desativação para os usuários e o que é necessário fazer…


CloudStack Online Bootcamp Training EUROPE

10/07/2017 - 11/07/2017
8:00 am - 4:00 pm

CloudStack Online Bootcamp Training NORTH AMERICA

17/07/2017 - 21/07/2017
9:00 am - 12:00 pm


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