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SolidFire provides a scale-out all-flash storage platform designed to deliver guaranteed storage performance to thousands of application workloads side-by-side, allowing consolidation under a single storage platform. Solidfire’s scale-out system is built specifically for the Next Generation Data Center, is perfectly suited to IaaS environments and has the unique ability to manage storage performance completely separate from storage capacity to meet both technology pressures and business demands.

Storage Automation for efficiency

Solidfire has deep integration with Apache CloudStack, Openstack and other orchestration platforms.

This allows automation of the underlying storage at the same time as other instrstructure components, greatly increasing operational efficiency in IaaS environments.

  • Fully automated storage provisioning through CloudStack
  • Dynamic volume creation for VM root disks and additional data disks
  • With SolidFire each volume receives guaranteed IOPS, avoiding “noisy neighbour” scenarios in a multi-tennanted environment.
  • Eliminate complexity by reducing manual storage tasks and administration time.


Reduce cost and complexity by safely consolidating mission-critical applications onto a single storage platform.

  • Quality of Service (QoS) provides guardrails around performance per application/per volume, allowing more applications to sit side-by-side without having impact on the performance of other apps.
  • In-line efficiencies maximize space, allowing you to do more with less and reducing overall cost.
  • SolidFire delivers 89% less rackspace; a huge reduction in your storage footprint.


Dynamically scale storage resources to meet business demands.

  • Granular scalability allows for a simple elastic approach to adding both capacity and performance
  • Scale the SolidFire system one node at a time with no downtime, enabling seamless additions of capacity and performance resources.
  • Upgrade without interrupting service or QoS settings to reduce complexity and protect ongoing operations.

Guaranteed Performance

SolidFire can guarantee storage performance to every application on the system.

  • Virtualized storage resources allow you to manage performance independent of capacity.
  • Fine-grain QoS (min, max, burst) gives you the fine-tuned control you’ve been pining for.
  • Easily adjust performance allocation on the fly without downtime.

Next Steps

ShapeBlue are a Solidfire Gold Cloud Builder Partner and are able to advise customers on how best to leverage the power of SolidFire storage.

  • Product demonstrations
  • Pricing information and ROI calculation
  • Sizing & scaling advice
  • Virtual Proof of Concepts for your environment
  • On-site Proof of Concepts*
  • Design & installation services

Please get in touch if you would like to arrange a demonstration or POC