UForge Appliance Factory automates the creation and maintenance of software image templates and “ready-to-run” software appliances that can be instantly deployed on physical, virtual or cloud environments. Combined with Open Appliance Studio, UForge offers ISVs, enterprises and service/hosting providers the following benefits:


Software Governance & Reduced Risk for the Cloud

Software governance: Help meet corporate guidelines and regulatory compliance with user access management and shared libraries of software components that establish a common catalog. Maintain fine-grained control over each level of your software stack including OS profiles and packages, software versioning and licenses.

Reduced risk: Make cloud software deployments reliable and repeatable with Elastic Appliances. In addition, software modeling techniques provide complete transparency, so you can easily track which packages and projects you have running.


Easy Application Migration to the Cloud

Any OS to any cloud: OS- and image format-agnostic platform lets you quickly assemble a software stack from scratch on any OS and generate to any cloud or virtual image format. Publish your final images directly to leading cloud infrastructures such as Amazon, Cloud.com and others.

Software modeling and templates: Model your software stack as an image template, allowing you to “rip and replace” components such as operating systems and middleware, then quickly re-generate your image for a different cloud or virtual infrastructure.

Life-cycle management: Manage the full template life cycle: extend and clone existing images; easily maintain and update software templates with new packages and versions, or roll-back to previous OS versions.


Industrialized Software Delivery for the Cloud

Full “end-to-end” automation: Improve IT agility with fully automated software delivery processes, from development and QA, to last-mile configuration.

“Build-to-order” software delivery: Automate software assembly, generation and publish processes, enabling you to build and deliver software stacks to order, or enable your customers to build their own, from scratch or by extending base templates.

Automated post-installation configuration: Package software as “self-deployable” images to shrink the installation and configuration times of multi-tier IT solutions from weeks to minutes.