Hi, and welcome to the homepage for the UK Cloudstack user group.

My name is Giles Sirett and I am Managing Consultant at ShapeBlue and I founded the UK Cloudstack user group  in February 2012 with the intention of bringing together professionals who are working with CloudStack in order to share experience and best practice in this exciting  and rapidly emerging technology. Over the coming months I’m going to try to build this community both online and physically. Time permitting, we’re going to build a dedicated web presence for the group and organise some get togethers  or educational events.

As the worldwide cloudstack community is still quite small,  I encourage people to engage also with the global cloudstack community:


In the meantime, we have this simple holding page, so here’s some useful links to get people started:

Cloudstack community: https://cloudstack.apache.org/

UK User Group on LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Cloudstack-UK-User-Group-4294158?home=&gid=4294158&trk=anet_ug_hm&goback=%2Egmp_4294158%2Eanp_4294158_1328781691274_1%2Egmp_4294158

Global Cloudstack community on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/3144859/


Cloudstack project on SourceForge: http://sourceforge.net/projects/cloudstack/files/Cloudstack%202.2/2.2.13/

Citrix’s Cloudstack pages: http://www.citrix.com/English/ps2/products/product.asp?contentID=2314749&ntref=prod_cat