Integration with Apiculus

Apiculus is an all-in-one technology platform that combines infrastructure management, cloud service management, customer lifecycle management, and an integrated solution for the cloud providers in the Edge market.

About Apiculus

Apiculus is an end-to-end cloud service solution that solves business enablement, technology, and customer experience requirements of domestic, regional, and edge cloud service providers. By utilising Apache CloudStack’s orchestration capabilities, Apiculus offers complete customer life cycle management by delivering orchestration, billing, monitoring, reporting, transactional and operational capabilities. In other words, Apiculus adds a powerful business overlay on top of CloudStack to enable cloud providers to offer a stellar public cloud experience in their local/regional markets.

Apiculus's Integration with Apache CloudStack

Apiculus sits atop Apache CloudStack and layers it with powerful customer lifecycle management features, including a self-service CMP (cloud management platform), marketplace, monetisation, monitoring and support systems. Apiculus uses CloudStack as the orchestrator for delivering all basic IaaS features – this includes virtual Compute, Block (and Snapshot) Storage, Kubernetes, Virtual Private Clouds and Autoscale. The integration framework also makes it possible for non-CloudStack platforms to interface with CloudStack in order to use any of the underlying infrastructure. For example, a cloud provider can use CloudStack’s network design to deliver Bare Metal machines (using another ISV) and deliver a single-window UX to the cloud users.
Furthermore, Apiculus has also layered the concept of Availability Zones that allow larger cloud providers to set up their cloud across multiple sites and regions (near-site and far-site) and design their service catalogues strategically.



Clutter-free UI extending the features of Apache CloudStack. Easy-to-use billing portal.


Closed-source and vendor lock-in.

Ease of Implementation

Moderate. Apiculus is set up on top of (one or more instances of) CloudStack as an assisted installation by the IndiQus implementation team.

Ease of Use

Relatively easy to use.

Total Cost of Ownership

Moderate upfront costs with ongoing ‘pay as you grow’ support based on infrastructure being managed/monetised under Apiculus.


Indiqus provides global support for Apiculus.

Supported Integrations

Supports major IaaS orchestrators like Apache CloudStack and OpenStack. The integration is extended to hyperscalers and Cloudian object storage as well.



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Case Study

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