CloudStack Infrastructure Support

CloudStack is open-source, and you can benefit from community support. However, when it comes to ensuring 100% reliability, zero downtime and mission-critical workloads, you need an expert at your side

The Only Global Provider of CloudStack Support Services

ShapeBlue provides 2nd – 4th line remote CloudStack Infrastructure Support Service of your entire CloudStack infrastructure. All of our engineers are experts in CloudStack, and many are contributors to the Apache CloudStack™ project. Our engineers have worked with us building some of the world’s largest CloudStack infrastructures, and regularly work with enterprises around the world trouble-shooting live production environments.

ShapeBlue is currently the only global provider of support services to Apache CloudStack™. With us you benefit from:

Professional, enterprise-grade support for Open-Source Apache CloudStack™

Provided by ShapeBlue – the leading independent integrator of Apache CloudStack™

24x7x365 Follow the Sun support

Global Support and Engineering teams dealing exclusively with CloudStack infrastructure

Supports your entire Cloud infrastructure

Access by phone, email or web-portal

The best CloudStack SLA available

Instant Guru: to speak to CloudStack experts fast

We leverage our involvement in the Apache CloudStack community to ensure that our engineers have only the deepest knowledge to be able to resolve all your issues.

Reliable 24/7/365 Global Service Desk

We recognise that a critical outage in your production CloudStack® environment has to be resolved as quickly as possible. Therefore our 24/7 support doesn’t just guarantee that your call will be answered; it means that trouble-shooting can continue 24/7.

The Global Service Desk uses a ‘follow the sun’ system using our offices around the world, ensuring 24-hour coverage across different time zones. We provide remote support for your infrastructure from these locations. In the event of a critical issue not being resolved by the end of a working day, we will ensure that the issue is handed over and picked up by the next office at the beginning of their working day. This ensures that (if necessary) work can continue seamlessly.

You are able to contact us to raise a support incident by telephone at +44(0) 20 3603 0540, email or via the customer portal.

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Let's Discuss CloudStack Infrastructure Support

We offer 24/7/365 SLA-based support for your entire CloudStack Infrastructure.

CloudStack® Infrastructure Support with Product Patching

Our Support Service offers support for your complete CloudStack® cloud infrastructure. All of our engineers are experts in CloudStack® – we do not pad our teams with generic IT engineers. We will work with your other key vendors (such as network vendors or storage vendors) to resolve problems in a heterogeneous environment, assuming you have an appropriate support agreement in place with these vendors. To resolve an issue, ShapeBlue will engage with other supported product vendors to share diagnostic information and collaborate on finding a solution.

Our support also gives you access to our CloudStack® software engineering team to resolve code-level issues. Our CloudStack® infrastructure support team will work closely with our software engineering team to develop code patches or maintenance releases for you if required. 

When we develop such a patch, we will immediately notify ALL customers who subscribe to this service that the patch is available. As CloudStack® is an open-source project, we will also release these patches back into the open-source community.

Dedicated Technical Relationship Manager

One of our Senior Technicians will be assigned as your Technical Relationship Manager (TRM). Your TRM will have a thorough understanding of your infrastructure and environment. They will be notified each time you raise an incident and will provide guidance and liaise with you if appropriate.

Apache CloudStack Supported Versions

For information on the versions of Apache CloudStack that we support, please see our Support Matrix. We will support any version of CloudStack our customers choose to install but can only provide proactive maintenance and our product patching service to those versions in our Support Matrix.

Our Service Level Agreement (SLA) with you

The SLA will depend on the severity of the problem, and we will validate the priority of the incident with you. The ‘Response Time’ is the time we guarantee to respond to you, whether it has been raised by telephone, email or the customer portal. The ‘Time to Resolution Plan’ is the time in which we commit to having formulated a plan to resolve your issue, and the ‘Target Resolution’ is the time within which we aspire to have resolved your issue. Whilst it will not always be possible to achieve our target resolution times, we guarantee both the ‘Response Time’ and the ‘Time to Resolution Plan’.


Response Time

Time to Resolution Plan

Target resolution



Within 1 hour

Time to Resolution Plan

Within 3 hours

Target resolution

Within 24 hours



Within 1 working day

Time to Resolution Plan

Within 2 working days

Target resolution

Within 3 working days



Within 1 working day

Time to Resolution Plan

Within 3 working days

Target resolution

Within 5 working days

Have a question? Get Expert Advice with Instant Guru

Sometimes you don’t need to raise a support ticket, or spend money on consultancy – you just want to ask a quick question about CloudStack®, your system, hypervisor support or get some quick advice. 

Instant Guru is a facility that gives you a mechanism to instantly ask quick questions or chat about CloudStack® or your cloud environment. Our support Engineers and Consultants will be on hand to help you get instant answers to any questions you may have. Instant Guru can be used for architecture questions, questions about known issues, questions about limitations, compatibility, etc. The Instant Guru service is not covered by our SLA.

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Download a step-by-step guide to migrate your existing vSphere environment to a robust IaaS cloud environment based on Apache CloudStack and the KVM Hypervisor, ensuring a smooth, low-friction migration journey.