ShapeBlue Joins the Good Business Charter, Demonstrating Commitment to Responsible Business Practices

ShapeBlue is delighted to announce it has joined leading companies in the United Kingdom in signing up to the Good Business Charter (GBC), an accreditation that seeks to raise the bar on business practices for employees, tax, the environment, customers and suppliers.

As an employee-owned company, we believe in the importance for businesses to regain trust and show they care about more than just profit. ShapeBlue has always been led by its mission to deliver the best to its employees, customers and open-source community.

ShapeBlue is a globally recognized leader in cloud consulting and managed services, helping businesses harness the power of cloud technologies to drive innovation, growth, and profitability. The company has a solid commitment to ethical and responsible business practices, and this commitment has now been recognized with its recent membership in the Good Business Charter. We have always been committed to responsible business practices and have a strong track record in this area. By joining the Good Business Charter, we are taking this commitment to the next level and demonstrating our commitment to responsible and ethical business practices.

The Good Business Charter exists for all companies, charities and public sector organisations across all industries and sectors and works through a simple certification process. It covers ten areas of responsible business practice, including paying the living wage, employee well-being, environmental responsibility, and ethical sourcing. At a time when people are caring more about who they work for and who they buy from, the Good Business Charter offers a straightforward accreditation which recognises organisations which prioritise and care for their employees, the environment, customers and suppliers whilst also paying their taxes according to the spirit of the law.  The GBC and its members seek to inspire many other businesses to follow suit.

The Good Business Charter accredits companies which cover certain criteria in 10 areas, including companies actively supporting and encouraging employee well-being, having robust measures in place to encourage diversity at key stages of recruitment, selection and retention of employees, caring about the environment and encouraging the development of good environmental practice as an organisation, and many more.




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