Since 2022, our company has been owned wholly by its staff

A Shift Towards Long-Term Sustainability and Growth

ShapeBlue, the CloudStack company, announced in 2022 that it has become a 100% employee-owned business: owned by all of its employees for the benefit of all of those employees.
100% of the shareholding of the company is now held by an Employee-owned Trust (EOT) for the benefit of its staff, whilst the existing leadership team remains in place with no planned changes to the company’s strategy.

A message from our CEO

“I am very proud to say that ShapeBlue is now 100% employee-owned. This guarantees our future as an independent company and allows us to continue to deliver for our customers through our deep involvement in Apache CloudStack.

Our leadership team remains unchanged, and I am very much looking forward to leading the company through this next phase of its development. It does, however, change our overall purpose – we are no longer a company that’s ultimate purpose is to make gains for a small group of shareholders. The ultimate power and value in this business have shifted from its shareholders into the hands of the people who generate that value: its employees.”

shapeblue ceo

Our customers rely on us to provide business-critical support to their production systems. By becoming 100% employee-owned, we remove a ‘single point of failure’ and guarantee consistency and longevity.

As a company that lives by certain values (openness, transparency, individual responsibility), the transition to employee ownership felt like a natural next step.

Steve Roles, Chief Operating Officer

The employee ownership model works really well for me. I feel like I can contribute more to the long-term growth and sustainability of the company. The biggest change I have witnessed since ShapeBlue’s transition to an employee-owned company is the ability to have a bigger contribution to the many different business processes. The biggest benefit to our customers is the increased focus on the company’s long-term sustainability.

Jamie Pell, Marketing Specialist

Switching to the employee-ownership model brought a strong sense of ownership and commitment among our team as they became stakeholders in the organisation. We always had a culture of responsibility and proactivity. Now people can be sure that their voice is heard, and they work for the benefit of their own company, thus shaping their future.

Ivet Petrova, Marketing Director

Working in an employee-owned company for a year, I absolutely love the model! It brings out the best in all of us, with a real sense of ownership and dedication. Our teamwork and motivation have skyrocketed, making the work environment awesome. We’re more engaged, collaborative, and innovative, and it feels like we’re all working together towards long-term success. It is great for our customers and partners as we go the extra mile to provide top-notch service and products. I’m excited about our future and how Employee Ownership will keep driving us forward as a tight-knit, passionate team!

Boris Stoyanov, Sr. Software Engineer in Test

good business charterShapeBlue joined the Good Business Charter, demonstrating a commitment to responsible business practices. As an employee-owned company, we believe in the importance for businesses to regain trust and show they care about more than just profit. ShapeBlue has always been led by its mission to deliver the best to its employees, customers and open-source community.

The Good Business Charter accredits companies which cover certain criteria in 10 areas, including companies actively supporting and encouraging employee well-being, having robust measures in place to encourage diversity at key stages of recruitment, selection and retention of employees, caring about the environment and encouraging the development of good environmental practice as an organisation, and many more.

Part of the Employee Ownership Association

The EOA represents the employee-owned sector in the UK. They support businesses to explore and progress their EO, helping to unlock the potential of employees, business and the economy.


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