Case Studies

For businesses entering the public cloud market, finding the software and partners that enable rapid deployment for their customers can be a major obstacle. It can take up a significant amount of time and result in a low ROI if the wrong choices are made when providing public and private cloud solutions. Fortunately, France-based DIMSI, did not fall into this trap. For more than 15 years they have been designing and implementing innovative solutions for their customers. Already delivering Microsoft Dynamics365, consulting and infrastructure solutions, and with offices in France, Tunisia and Hong Kong, they wanted to enlarge their offerings […]

The rate of change in the TELCO industry has accelerated over the last few years as customers demand more innovation and faster time-to-market to support their business initiatives. Cloud Services have proved to be a great enabler in achieving this, allowing telcos to ensure agility and reliability for their customers’ infrastructure platforms. The rewards for meeting these customer needs are high, with some telcos able to differentiate themselves in the competitive market. One such organisation that has achieved this is Telia Latvija. Now Telia Latvija is one of the leading ICT service providers in Latvija. Telia Latvija chose Apache CloudStack […]

KDDI Corporation Case Study CloudStack/ShapeBlue

Whilst agility and speed of service are key factors in choosing a cloud management platform, it is becoming apparent that the reliability of that platform is proving to be the vital differentiator for many service providers. KDDI Corporation, Japan’s global telecommunications pioneer and a Global Fortune 500 company chose CloudStack to guarantee the speed, agility and reliability of their cloud environment – KDDI Cloud Platform Service (KCPS). They engaged in a strategic partnership with ShapeBlue to take advantage of our deep expertise in CloudStack and years of experience in building large-scale, open-source cloud infrastructures. “We were introduced to ShapeBlue by […]

Data localisation is creating multi-million-dollar revenue opportunities for regional ISPs, data centers and telcos. Providing the monetisation and cloud management solutions to build a regional cloud services business requires the help of an expert that can deliver a wide variety of services from a single marketplace and ensures unbeatable SLAs which can be assured for the end-user. IndiQus are such an expert. They are a 360-degree cloud solutions provider with a focus on working with local and regional service providers (telcos, data centres, ISPs), enabling them to set up in-country public clouds. They work in markets where there’s a rising […]

The University of São Paulo (USP) is Latin America’s largest university and Brazil’s most prestigious academic institution. It produces more doctorate degrees annually than any other university in the world and ranks fifth in the number of scientific articles published. It is one of the world’s leading research institutions, with 100,000 students, 6,000 professors and 17,000 employees spread over 11 campuses. USP successfully built a private cloud environment (Cloud USP) that would help them overcome the challenges of having 150 disparate IT environments and the ever-increasing demands for compute and storage in their dynamic research environment. USP saw the opportunity […]