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cloudstack case study

Trusted by the Leading Enterprises and Cloud Providers

Enterprises, telcos, service providers and cloud builders chose Apache CloudStack and ShapeBlue to maintain a market-leading position, embrace the power of open-source and ensure reliability.

With CloudStack, underpinned by ShapeBlue’s support, consultancy and software engineering, global enterprises are able to focus on developing new services and innovate rather than managing their infrastructure.

Fully Managed Regional and Sovereign Clouds

Apiculus integrates with Apache CloudStack, offering robust customer lifecycle management features. Service providers benefit from streamlined marketplace creation, global billing support, and enhanced customer acquisition tools.

CloudStack and ShapeBlue Help DIMSI to Deliver Public Cloud Solutions

DIMSI chose Apache CloudStack due to its ease of implementation and thus giving them the ability to ‘support customers more efficiently. DIMSI decided to work with ShapeBlue so they can access ‘high-level support promptly, whenever it is needed.

Telia Utilises CloudStack and ShapeBlue to Maintain a Market-leading Position in the Baltics

Telia Latvija chose Apache CloudStack and ShapeBlue to maintain a market-leading position in the Baltics. CloudStack helped the company provide unique cloud service to its B2B customers.

CloudStack Stability and Reliability Enables KDDI to Deliver 99.999% Uptime to Their Enterprise Customers

ShapeBlue are very reliable and flexible in their approach to what we need. Their fast response to our problems has made us very happy with the level of support we receive. And of course, as they are a leader in the CloudStack community they help to keep it active and the product keep developing.

ShapeBlue enables the University of Sao Paulo to deliver federated cloud services | Case Studies

The University of São Paulo utilises Apache CloudStack for seamless migration and ongoing efficiency enhancements, supported by ShapeBlue.

OIS and ShapeBlue Announce Apache® CloudStack® v4.11 To Power CloudSchool Platform | Case Studies

Education IT specialist OIS announced that the latest version of their highly successful CloudSchool will be based on Apache CloudStack.

Telia Latvia use Apache CloudStack to accelerate move to Next Generation Telco

Telia Latvia made the decision to implement cloud orchestration platform & approached ShapeBlue to help migrating to open-source CloudStack.

Globo chooses CloudStack for its application development & system management platform | Case Studies, part of GRUPO Globo, embraces CloudStack for cloud infrastructure, gaining flexibility, extensibility, and open-source confidence with ShapeBlue's guidance.

Teamsun choose CloudStack to deliver private & hybrid cloud offerings | Case Studies

Teamsun and ShapeBlue forge strategic partnership for Apache CloudStack-based private & hybrid enterprise cloud solutions in China's IT market.

Datacenter Services choose Apache CloudStack to deliver enterprise grade public IaaS cloud

Datacenter Services choose Apache CloudStack for seamless IaaS deployment. ShapeBlue's expertise ensures a smooth transition to open-source technology, delivering security, scalability, and 100% uptime.

ASG uses Apache CloudStack to build CloudFactory that will help customers plan, deploy and manage internally or externally hosted clouds

ASG innovates with CloudFactory, leveraging Apache CloudStack for agile, cost-effective cloud solutions. ShapeBlue's partnership ensures seamless integration and limitless scalability.

ShapeBlue’s expertise helps DSS to design new CloudStack IaaS platform | Case Studies

DSS overcomes IaaS challenges with Apache CloudStack. ShapeBlue's expert consultation ensures best practices, enabling a robust and efficient proof of concept platform.

ShapeBlue help Ascenty to design and build leading cloud platform for Brazilian market | Case Studies

Ascenty partners with ShapeBlue to enhance its CloudStack-based platform, offering a flexible, scalable, and cost-effective cloud solution for customers in Brazil.

Cloudian and ShapeBlue launch partnership to attack growing CloudStack market | Case Studies

Cloudian and ShapeBlue partner to deliver integrated CloudStack solutions, combining compute and S3-compatible object storage for seamless cloud deployment.

Are these people really all using CloudStack?

Apache CloudStack is a powerful, widely adopted open-source IaaS platform, yet its market awareness and perception remain underestimated. Here's a list of significant organisations using CloudStack, showcasing its robust adoption and capabilities.

SunGard Availability Services Partners With ShapeBlue To Put Affordable, Flexible Infrastructure On Tap For Business | Case Studies

SunGard partners with ShapeBlue for SunGard Online, a flexible CloudStack-based on-demand computing platform, offering efficiency and flexibility for organisations.

ControlCircle uses Apache CloudStack to offer customers hybrid cloud platform | Case Studies

ControlCircle leverages Apache CloudStack, implemented with expertise from ShapeBlue, for Hybrix™, a flexible hybrid cloud platform, offering IaaS with monitoring and management.

SunGard Availability Services Launches SunGard Online

SunGard Availability Services introduces SunGard Online - an on-demand computing platform, combining public cloud flexibility and SunGard's 30+ years of IT resilience expertise.

Umbee, UK Managed Hosting Company chooses cloud consultancy to form it’s public cloud offering

Umbee Limited partners with ShapeBlue to deliver pioneering infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) based on Citrix CloudStack technology, offering clients rapid compute resource consumption and pay-as-you-go flexibility.

ShapeBlue help eSkyCity build flexible IaaS cloud to cope with their customers SaaS requirements

eSkyCity partners with ShapeBlue to successfully build and migrate to an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud using Apache CloudStack, providing elastic scalability and performance improvement for their SaaS solutions.

Download a step-by-step guide to migrate your existing vSphere environment to a robust IaaS cloud environment based on Apache CloudStack and the KVM Hypervisor, ensuring a smooth, low-friction migration journey.