Integration with Ceph

Reliable and scalable storage designed for any organization. Use Ceph to transform your storage infrastructure. Ceph provides a unified storage service with object, block, and file interfaces from a single cluster built from commodity hardware components.

About Ceph

Ceph is an open-source, highly scalable distributed storage system designed to deliver high performance, reliability, and flexibility for object, block, and file storage. It is widely adopted in cloud environments and data centers due to its self-managing, self-healing capabilities, and ability to horizontally scale to accommodate growing storage needs. Companies seeking a software-defined storage solution that is fault-tolerant and easily adaptable to various workloads rely on Ceph as an efficient and cost-effective alternative to traditional storage systems.

Ceph’s Integration with Apache CloudStack

Ceph is supported by Apache CloudStack as both a primary and secondary storage solution, allowing administrators to leverage Ceph’s scalable and fault-tolerant storage capabilities within their CloudStack deployments. The integration ensures a streamlined management experience for Ceph storage systems, enabling features such as thin provisioning, snapshots, and cloning for virtual machines, further optimizing resource utilization and operational efficiency.


Open-source solution that’s scalable and fault-tolerant, ideal for diverse storage needs.


The setup and management can be complex, especially for those unfamiliar with distributed storage systems.

Ease of Implementation


Ease of Use


Total Cost of Ownership

Low upfront costs, ongoing maintenance, and support costs.


Ceph support is available through the open-source community and various commercial vendors, such as Red Hat and SUSE. The support services include technical assistance, product updates, and access to documentation, knowledge base articles, and forums. Commercial vendors offer a range of support plans, including options for 24/7 coverage, fast response times, and dedicated support teams.

Supported Integrations

Ceph integrates smoothly with Apache CloudStack, allowing administrators to leverage its advanced storage capabilities within CloudStack deployments. This integration simplifies the management experience and promotes a streamlined multi-cloud and hybrid cloud strategy.



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