Integration with Chef

Chef® Infra® configuration management software eliminates manual efforts and ensures infrastructure remains consistent and compliant over its lifetime — even in the most complex, heterogenous, and large-scale environments.

About Chef

Chef is an open-source automation platform that helps organizations manage their infrastructure through code. It provides a powerful and flexible solution for configuration management, application deployment, and compliance automation. Chef’s domain-specific language (DSL) allows users to define their infrastructure’s desired state and automate the necessary steps to achieve that state. Companies seeking to streamline their IT operations, enhance consistency and reliability across their infrastructure, and ensure compliance with industry standards rely on Chef for its robust automation capabilities.

Chef’s Integration with Apache CloudStack

Apache CloudStack can be integrated with Chef through the use of custom scripts and Chef cookbooks, allowing administrators to automate the configuration and management of CloudStack resources, such as virtual machines and networks. This integration facilitates a unified and simplified management experience, enabling the use of Chef to manage and automate CloudStack resources alongside other infrastructure components. The combination of CloudStack and Chef empowers organizations to optimize their cloud infrastructure management and enhance operational efficiency through automation.


Mature automation platform with flexibility for diverse configuration management needs.


Has a steep learning curve and requires knowledge of Ruby.

Ease of Implementation


Ease of Use


Total Cost of Ownership

Moderate upfront investment, long-term cost savings due to increased efficiency.


Progress Software offers commercial support for Chef, including 24/7 technical support, product updates, and self-service resources. Community support is available through mailing lists and forums.

Supported Integrations

Chef, a popular open-source configuration management and automation tool, integrates seamlessly with Apache CloudStack, allowing administrators to automate and manage their cloud infrastructure with ease. This integration simplifies cloud management tasks, reduces human error, and accelerates deployments. By using Chef and Apache CloudStack together, organizations can achieve greater efficiency and agility in managing their IT infrastructure, meeting their specific business requirements and driving innovation.


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