Integration with Citrix Hypervisor (formerly XenServer)

Business needs can change fast, so you need virtualization management built to perform. Citrix Hypervisor makes it easy to maintain environments, all while powering your most robust workloads and securing virtual infrastructure from advanced threats.

About Citrix Hypervisor (formerly XenServer)

Citrix XenServer is an industry-leading, open-source hypervisor that provides powerful virtualization capabilities for organizations of all sizes. Based on the Xen Project, XenServer delivers high performance, scalability, and advanced features, such as live migration, high availability, and dynamic resource allocation. Companies seeking a robust and flexible virtualization solution for their data centers and cloud environments rely on Citrix XenServer for its proven reliability, enterprise-grade feature set, and strong ecosystem support.

Citrix Hypervisor’s (formerly XenServer) Integration with Apache CloudStack

Citrix XenServer is supported by Apache CloudStack, allowing administrators to leverage XenServer’s virtualization capabilities within their CloudStack deployments. The integration enables a seamless management experience for XenServer environments, with CloudStack providing an abstraction layer that simplifies the orchestration of resources and virtual machines alongside other hypervisors. CloudStack’s support for XenServer ensures a streamlined and efficient virtualization solution, enhancing resource utilization and operational efficiency.


Offers good performance and scalability, making it a reliable choice for many businesses.


Less popular compared to solutions like KVM and VMware, which might affect community support and integrations.

Ease of Implementation


Ease of Use


Total Cost of Ownership

Moderate upfront costs, ongoing maintenance and support costs.


Citrix offers comprehensive support services for XenServer, including technical support, product updates, and access to various self-service resources such as documentation, knowledge base articles, and forums. Support offerings include different plans, with options for 24/7 coverage, fast response times, and dedicated support teams.

Supported Integrations

Citrix Hypervisor, formerly known as XenServer, is a high-performance, enterprise-class hypervisor solution that provides advanced virtualization capabilities for data centers and cloud environments. As a product of Citrix Systems, it offers comprehensive support services, including technical support, product updates, and access to self-service resources such as documentation, knowledge base articles, and forums. Citrix Hypervisor integrates with Apache CloudStack, enabling administrators to take advantage of its robust features within CloudStack deployments, creating a flexible and powerful virtualization solution for managing diverse workloads.


Installation Guide

Host Citrix XenServer Installation


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