Integration with LINBIT

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LINBIT is a pioneer in the field of open-source high availability software. Their flagship product, DRBD (Distributed Replicated Block Device), has been a cornerstone in Linux HA solutions and is used by thousands of enterprises worldwide. DRBD works by mirroring block devices between multiple hosts, ensuring data redundancy and high availability. Over the years, LinBit has expanded its product portfolio to cater to a broader range of storage and data replication needs, always emphasizing reliability, performance, and the benefits of open-source innovation.

CloudStack and LINBIT Integration

Combining Apache Cloudstack with LINBIT SDS creates a perfect environment for Cloud Providers, Hosting Companies, Finance Industries, ISPs and many more. LINBIT SDS provides organizations the performance, simplicity, and flexibility they need from storage infrastructures. In addition, LINBIT SDS’ deep integration to Apache CloudStack offers scalability, data protection, and flexibility.

Along with the extensive management and scalability capabilities, the stack gives you the ultimate Open-Source solution while providing the lowest TCO, compared to any other proprietary solution.

LINBIT’s DRBD integrates seamlessly with Apache CloudStack, offering robust high availability and data replication capabilities. The integration ensures data integrity, minimizes downtime, and provides automated failover, online maintenance, and rolling upgrades. This deep integration means CloudStack can fully harness DRBD’s capabilities without requiring direct storage system management.


Offers high availability and performance with a focus on block storage replication. The open-source nature provides flexibility and community support.


Might require specialized knowledge for setup and configuration. As it focuses primarily on block storage replication, it might not cater to all storage needs.

Ease of Implementation


Ease of Use


Total Cost of Ownership

Moderate upfront costs with ongoing support and maintenance costs.


LINBIT offers commercial support with options for 24/7 coverage, fast response times, and access to updates and documentation. Community support is also available through forums and online resources.

Supported Integrations

The integration between LinBit’s DRBD and CloudStack ensures seamless storage management, supporting operations like provisioning, thin provisioning, snapshots, storage live migration, HA, and redundancy. QoS aspects include controlling which storage hardware is allocated to which “Primary Storage” and limiting the number of IOs in specific volumes or classes of volumes to mitigate the “noisy neighbor” problem.


Solution Brief

Flexibility & Scalability for IaaS – LINBIT SDS® Integration with Apache CloudStack®


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