Integration with Pure Storage

Enterprise-grade, all-flash block, file, and object storage. Pure delivers a Modern Data Experience™, allowing you to rely on innovative, cloud-ready solutions and the best experience in technology to transform data into powerful outcomes.

About Pure Storage

Pure Storage is a leading provider of all-flash storage solutions designed for high performance, reliability, and simplicity. Their flagship product, the FlashArray, delivers consistent low-latency and high IOPS performance, making it ideal for demanding workloads such as databases, virtual desktops, and cloud applications. Pure Storage’s Evergreen Storage model ensures seamless hardware and software upgrades, reducing the need for costly and disruptive forklift upgrades. Companies seeking to accelerate their digital transformation and optimize storage infrastructure rely on Pure Storage for its innovative and efficient all-flash solutions.

Pure Storage’s Integration with Apache CloudStack

Pure Storage is supported by Apache CloudStack as a primary storage solution. Administrators can leverage Pure Storage’s high-performance all-flash arrays within their CloudStack deployments, providing a robust and efficient storage solution for virtual machines. The integration ensures a streamlined management experience for Pure Storage systems, enabling features such as thin provisioning, snapshots, and cloning for enhanced resource utilization and operational efficiency.


Offers high performance with user-friendly features, making it a reliable storage solution.


As with other proprietary solutions, costs can be on the higher side.

Ease of Implementation


Ease of Use


Total Cost of Ownership

Higher upfront costs, ongoing support costs.


Pure Storage provides commercial support services, including 24/7 technical support, product updates, and self-service resources such as documentation and knowledge base articles.

Supported Integrations

The integration enables streamlined management, enhanced performance, and simplified scaling of cloud infrastructure, while also providing a flexible and efficient foundation for multi-cloud and hybrid cloud strategies. By leveraging Pure Storage and Apache CloudStack together, organizations can optimize their IT infrastructure to better meet their specific business requirements and drive innovation.


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