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The ideal foundation for large-scale clouds running diverse, mission-critical workloads.

About StorPool

StorPool Storage is a block-storage platform designed for modern, large-scale cloud infrastructure. The platform delivers the ultimate speed, agility, scalability, and price/performance required by modern applications and users. StorPool is a Storage as a Service (STaaS) offering with a bring-your-own servers model. It combines software, plus a fully managed storage service that transforms industry-standard hardware into an ultra-fast, highly available and scalable storage system.

StorPool’s customers are IT service providers building public, private and hybrid clouds – typically Managed Service Providers, Cloud Service Providers, hosting companies, SaaS vendors, and other enterprises.

StorPool’s world-class 24/7 managed services allow internal teams to stay focused on the real business at hand. Get started with StorPool today and optimize your entire data center TCO with revolutionary data storage built and managed for you.

StorPool’s Integration with Apache CloudStack

StorPool Storage volume management is integrated with Apache CloudStack to allow seamless use of the capabilities of the StorPool Storage system through the CloudStack GUI, CLI, and API interfaces. With its native integration with CloudStack, the features available in StorPool get inherited by each cloud deployed with StorPool Storage – enabling cloned provisioning, instant snapshots, thin provisioning, and backup, disaster recovery, and Quality of Service (QoS) policies per virtual disk or virtual machine (VM).

Thanks to how StorPool works, VM provisioning is nearly instantaneous and data placement policies and other settings can be changed in-flight to address changes in user requirements. The end result of the deep integration between the two systems is that there is no need to manage the storage system directly because all the interactions between CloudStack and StorPool are automated.


Native support for CloudStack provides a primary datastore plugin and agent plugin providing direct connections from the CloudStack user interface to StorPool APIs.

CloudStack administrators can provision virtual machines, create snapshots, create templates from snapshots, and more from the CloudStack GUI.

StorPool Managed Services helps you design, deploy, manage, and monitor your storage, freeing your staff to focus on your business.


StorPool comes as a fully managed storage solution, which means you need to rely entirely on their support and internal team to operate it. The storage price based on user feedback is slightly above the average compared to other software-defined storage vendors. The solution is not open-source.

Ease of Implementation

StorPool has native support for CloudStack that provides a Primary DataStore plugin and an agent plugin.

Ease of Use

Companies can deploy a highly automated cloud that delivers the application performance and reliability while easily addressing changes in user requirements over the long term.

Total Cost of Ownership

CloudStack currently supports the most popular hypervisors: VMware, KVM, Citrix XenServer, Xen Cloud Platform (XCP), Oracle VM server and Microsoft Hyper-V.


We have a number of guides, starting with a guide to cloudstack’s terminology and concepts, moving through some information about possible topologies.

Supported Integrations

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) clouds can be a complex thing to build, and by definition they have a plethora of options.


Solution Brief

Apache CloudStack and StorPool Solution Brief


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StorPool is Accelerating the World by Storing Data More Productively


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