Integration with Tungsten Fabric

Solve your tooling complexity and overload with the simplicity of only one networking and security tool. Save time and swivel-chair fatigue from context switches.

About Tungsten Fabric

Tungsten Fabric is an open-source, multi-cloud networking solution led by the Linux Foundation, with contributions from various companies, including Juniper Networks, Mirantis, and AT&T. It provides advanced network virtualization, policy-driven networking, and SDN capabilities for modern cloud-native environments.

Tungsten Fabric’s Integration with Apache CloudStack

Tungsten Fabric can be seamlessly integrated with Apache CloudStack, enabling policy-driven networking and SDN capabilities within ACS deployments. This integration allows organizations to leverage Tungsten Fabric’s advanced networking features to optimize their cloud infrastructure while simplifying network management and enhancing overall operational efficiency.


Offers SDN and policy-driven networking, enhancing cloud-native environments.


Limited community support might affect long-term development and integrations.

Ease of Implementation


Ease of Use


Total Cost of Ownership

Reduced TCO through network automation, improved resource allocation, and simplified management.


Juniper Networks offers commercial support for Tungsten Fabric, including 24/7 technical support, product updates, and self-service resources. Community support is available through mailing lists and forums.

Supported Integrations

Tungsten Fabric, an open-source, scalable, and high-performance software-defined networking (SDN) solution, integrates with Apache CloudStack to provide advanced networking capabilities within CloudStack deployments. This integration enhances network management, security, and performance, enabling organizations to build more efficient and secure cloud infrastructure. By combining Tungsten Fabric and Apache CloudStack, administrators can benefit from the powerful features offered by both solutions, creating a flexible, reliable, and future-proof networking platform.


Solution Brief

Apache CloudStack and Tungsten Fabric Integration


Tungsten Fabric SDN for Core and Edge Zones in ACS


News And Development Update Of The CloudStack Tungsten Fabric SDN Plug-in

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