KDDI Corporation Case Study CloudStack/ShapeBlue

CloudStack Stability and Reliability Enables KDDI to Deliver 99.999% Uptime to Their Enterprise Customers

Whilst agility and speed of service are key factors in choosing a cloud management platform, it is becoming apparent that the reliability of that platform is proving to be the vital differentiator for many service providers. KDDI Corporation, Japan’s global telecommunications pioneer and a Global Fortune 500 company chose CloudStack to guarantee the speed, agility and reliability of their cloud environment – KDDI Cloud Platform Service (KCPS). They engaged in a strategic partnership with ShapeBlue to take advantage of our deep expertise in CloudStack and years of experience in building large-scale, open-source cloud infrastructures.

“We were introduced to ShapeBlue by one of our partners,” said Masashi Nakamura, Group Leader of KDDI’s Platform Technology Department. “They are very reliable and flexible in their approach to what we need. Their fast response to our problems has made us very happy with the level of support we receive. And of course, as they are a leader in the CloudStack community they help to keep it active and the product keep developing.”

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Carrier-Grade Cloud Platform Orchestrated by CloudStack

KCPS was launched in July 2012 and is built on Apache CloudStack utilizing the KVM and VMware hypervisors. This carrier-grade cloud platform provides the flexibility to migrate a variety of business applications making it possible to meet exact needs. KCPS has a one-stop contracting service that enables customers to quickly construct systems in conjunction with their global expansion plans, whilst maintaining high degrees of security and availability.

Masashi Nakamura - KDDI Corporation

Masashi Nakamura continued “We were already a leading provider of mobile and network services when we launched KCPS. We wanted to provide a cloud platform that serviced both existing customers and attracted new ones. We didn’t want to compete with the hyperclouds like AWS and Azure, but wanted to provide an agile, secure and stable platform that could be tailored to meet the needs and demanding requirements of our enterprise customers. KDDI’s mission is “to connect” everything and KCPS was designed with that aim in mind.
As part of our due diligence process we evaluated a number of products on which we could construct KCPS, but eventually chose CloudStack. The biggest advantages of using CloudStack was its inherent stability, flexibility and the fact that it uses widely operating network services. In addition, it can manage multiple hypervisors – we use KVM and Vmware – and is a much more mature product than many of its competitors”.

Enabling Services with High Availability – 99.999% Uptime for KDDI’s Enterprise Customers

KDDI is using KCPS to deliver a broad range of customer services including IaaS, Disaster Recovery (DRaaS), Operating System provision, security operations and datacenter connection services. The 99.999% uptime they offer is a vital factor in providing these services and is why enterprise customers choose them. This robustness and reliability are what attracts enterprise customers to operate mission-critical workloads on it.

Hiroyuki Kijima - KDDI CorporationHiroyuki Kijima, KDDI’s Product Manager for Private Cloud said “CloudStack is very stable and has a simple to use interface making it quick for our customers to get up to speed on. In addition, its API offers quick integration with existing customer networks and it is customisable, meaning it is easy to add additional services. Its flexible inter-cluster migration means we can easily migrate a customer’s resources when onboarding them

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About KDDI Corporation

KDDI Corporation Logo - CloudStack Case StudyKDDI Corporation is Japan’s global telecommunications pioneer and a Global Fortune 500 company providing an international customer base with data centers, networks, content delivery, system integration, and more around the world. They started operations in 1953 and with 10,000+ employees and US$48 billion in annual revenue are one of Asia’s largest telecommunications providers. KDDI has developed Japan’s largest public cloud to deliver cloud services across Asia, Europe, and the US.

KDDI’s Cloud environment – KCPS (KDDI Cloud Platform Service) –  operates in Japan with thousands of physical hosts delivering a service with 99.999% availability.


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