Snapshot Copy | CloudStack Feature First Look

CloudStack Snapshot Copy

Data replication is an important strategy – to keep valuable data safe and accomplish disaster recovery. Introduced in CloudStack 4.19, the “CloudStack Snapshot Copy” feature adds an important layer of data protection and application availability. It facilitates the replication of the Instance’s Volumes Snapshots across multiple CloudStack Zones, providing a defence against system failures, data […]

Scheduled Instance Lifecycle Operations | CloudStack Feature First Look

CloudStack-Scheduled Instance Lifecycle Operations

While managing their cloud infrastructure, organizations often need systematic (or scheduled) start-up or shutdown of Instances, maybe to ensure optimal resource utilization or adherence to operational timelines. The “Scheduled Instance Lifecycle Operations” feature in Apache CloudStack 4.19 seeks to address this need, offering a structured and automated approach to managing the state of VM instances. […]

VNF Appliance Integration | CloudStack Feature Deep Dive

CloudStack Features - VNF Appliance Integration

Traditionally, Network Functions (NF) were provided by dedicated hardware appliances, such as routers, firewalls, and load balancers. This hardware could be expensive, inflexible, and difficult to manage. However, in recent years, there has been a shift towards Virtual Network Functions (VNFs), which are software-based network functions that can be deployed on virtualised infrastructure. The VNF […]

CloudStack DRS | CloudStack Feature First Look

cloudstack drs

Balancing workload distribution, ensuring optimal resource allocation, minimising power consumption, and maintaining consistent application performance are complex tasks, especially in large-scale cloud environments. Manual management and rebalancing of workloads can lead to errors and inefficiencies, highlighting a need for an automated, intelligent solution to balance workloads and ensure resource utilisation across all instances and hypervisor […]

What’s New in Apache CloudStack 4.19

apache cloudstack 4.19

Apache CloudStack 4.19 is the latest release of the cloud management platform from the Apache Software Foundation and is a result of months of work from the development community. Apache CloudStack 4.19 is an LTS (Long Term Support) release that will be maintained for 18 months after release. As always, the release contains a myriad […]

CloudStack DRaaS Capabilities and Opportunities for Cloud Providers

Apache CloudStack 4.19 introduces features that enhance its DR capabilities, which are suited especially to the needs of cloud providers. This approach delivers efficient measures to restore systems post-disruption and empowers users with flexibility and control, allowing them to adapt their individual DR strategy to their operational needs.

CloudStack India User Group 2024

The CloudStack India User Group 2024 will be taking place in Hyderabad on 23rd February. Join the community for insightful tech talks, demonstrations, and user stories. Whether you’re already familiar with Apache CloudStack or keen to explore this technology, the user group is open to everybody. Just like all gatherings organised by the Apache CloudStack […]

Apache CloudStack enables existing VMware users and gives an easy way for service providers to migrate to a fully open-source solution and eliminate vendor dependency.