State of the Hypervisor Market

In the ever-evolving realm of virtualization, hypervisors are a fundamental technology enabling the management of virtual machines. The choice of the underlying hypervisor for CloudStack-based clouds is one of the most important architectural decisions to make, impacting everything from resource utilisation to IT budgeting and the ability to adapt to future technological shifts. Unlike other solutions on the market, Apache CloudStack is a hypervisor-agnostic solution. This gives you the freedom to build your own flexible technology stack, optimise costs and ensure a more competitive price for your end products. At ShapeBlue, we are often asked by our customers what’s going […]

Who’s building Clouds?

Who would build their own Cloud in 2012? Giles Sirett, Managing Partner of ShapeBlue gives his view of who’s currently building cloud infrastructures. Cloud delivery had been one of the major drivers in the consumerisation of IT and it’s evolution into a utility Services model. So, why would organisations want to build their own cloud? If they can purchase key services or infrastructure as utility from major vendors such as Amazon or Rackspace, then why continue to manage their own infrastructure? And why add complexity develop that infrastructure further into a cloud model instead of a traditional virtualised DC model […]