Snapshot Copy | CloudStack Feature First Look

CloudStack Snapshot Copy

Data replication is an important strategy – to keep valuable data safe and accomplish disaster recovery. Introduced in CloudStack 4.19, the “CloudStack Snapshot Copy” feature adds an important layer of data protection and application availability. It facilitates the replication of the Instance’s Volumes Snapshots across multiple CloudStack Zones, providing a defence against system failures, data […]

Scheduled Instance Lifecycle Operations | CloudStack Feature First Look

CloudStack-Scheduled Instance Lifecycle Operations

While managing their cloud infrastructure, organizations often need systematic (or scheduled) start-up or shutdown of Instances, maybe to ensure optimal resource utilization or adherence to operational timelines. The “Scheduled Instance Lifecycle Operations” feature in Apache CloudStack 4.19 seeks to address this need, offering a structured and automated approach to managing the state of VM instances. […]

CloudStack DRS | CloudStack Feature First Look

cloudstack drs

Balancing workload distribution, ensuring optimal resource allocation, minimising power consumption, and maintaining consistent application performance are complex tasks, especially in large-scale cloud environments. Manual management and rebalancing of workloads can lead to errors and inefficiencies, highlighting a need for an automated, intelligent solution to balance workloads and ensure resource utilisation across all instances and hypervisor […]

CloudStack DRaaS Capabilities and Opportunities for Cloud Providers

Apache CloudStack 4.19 introduces features that enhance its DR capabilities, which are suited especially to the needs of cloud providers. This approach delivers efficient measures to restore systems post-disruption and empowers users with flexibility and control, allowing them to adapt their individual DR strategy to their operational needs.

Auto Enable / Disable KVM Hosts | CloudStack Feature First Look

Introduction This feature introduces the capability to automatically disable KVM hosts when a customizable health check fails, and automatically re-enable them when the health check subsequently succeeds. This ensures that existing Hosts remain stable and operational, and new Instances will not be deployed on disabled Hosts (existing Instances running on disabled or auto-disabled hosts are […]

Customising Source NAT Address for Networks I CloudStack Feature First Look

Introduction While managing a cloud infrastructure, it is sometimes necessary to make changes in network ranges or the reassign IP addresses to routers. Previously, all network addresses were changeable except for the Source NAT (Network Address Translation) address of a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) or an Isolated Network. However, with Apache CloudStack 4.19, this will […]

Host Control Plane Status I CloudStack Feature First Look

Introduction Diving into the ever-evolving world of Apache CloudStack, it is undeniable that its continuous enhancement has led it to become an influential infrastructure management platform. The recent feature addition, ‘Host Control Plane Status’, further refines this powerful tool by extending the hypervisor host control state in the listing of Virtual Machines / VMs (ie. […]

Visual Resource Metrics I CloudStack Feature First Look

Introduction Viewing historical resource consumption data helps cloud users and operators to easily identify bottlenecks or the over-provision of resources, allowing resource owners to estimate and analyse performance. CloudStack already allows for retrieval of metrics data for various resources (eg. Zones, Hosts) and for Instances and their Volumes, but does not display the data in […]

Two-factor Authentication in Apache CloudStack l CloudStack Feature First Look

Introduction Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is an authentication method where a user is authorised to login into a system only after successfully presenting two pieces of data, or factors. Something that the user knows plus something which the user possesses. Apache CloudStack 4.18 introduces a 2FA framework designed to bolster security when users access the platform. […]

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