Chalk and Cheese | CloudStack and Openstack

CloudStack and OpenStack – Chalk and Cheese?

At lot of advertising and commentators often say; that when comparing the open source cloud orchestration platforms CloudStack and OpenStack that they’re like chalk and cheese, but have you ever tried writing on a blackboard with cheese? CloudStack or OpenStack -Which one should you pick To give my view on the difference I’m going to compare these cloud orchestration platforms to cars. Some people want to design their car down to the nth degree, they want to buy all of the individual components and they will probably hand make some of them and then assemble them. To those people, OpenStack […]

Managing the software stack – the missing link for IaaS ?

So, you’ve decided to build an IaaS cloud. You’ve chosen an orchestration platform (I’d hope you’d choose Cloudstack) and then got some clever guys like us at ShapeBlue to design and build a scalable infrastructure that will help you deliver high density VM and network instances out to your customers. Great, the dollars will start rolling in and the best piece of news: it’s all highly automated and based on self-service so your running costs have also been reduced. But there’s a problem. A problem that you didn’t realise that you were going to have. The problem comes from what […]