Build a Cloud Day | Roundup

On Thursday 10th October, the quarterly meeting of the CloudStack European User Group was combined with a Build A Cloud Day – a format for people looking to understand the basics of building clouds using open-source technology. The event  was hosted by our friends ControlCircle: a leading provider of managed and cloud-based services to enterprises and on-line businesses. ControlCircle have been involved in the Cloudstack community for some time now: using Cloudstack as the basis for their own managed cloud product, Hybrix The morning session started with an introduction from Sebastien Goasguen (@Sebgoa) , Citrix open source evangelist and Cloudstack […]

CloudStack European User Group | Summary

There was a great turnout for the July meeting of the European CloudStack User Group. It was fantastic to see a good mix of developers, users, integrators and  customers: all in the room ready to share experiences and ideas around CloudStack. One interesting observation was that we had representatives from organisations using Apache CloudStack and Citrix CloudPlatform (Citrix’s commercial distribution of CloudStack)  and also some people who were using both technologies. This gave me the sense that, whether or not somebody chooses to go with a commercial distribution, they all consider themselves part of the CloudStack community and get value […]

CloudStack European User Group Meeting 2013 | Roundup

The CloudStack European User group met on Thursday 11th for our quarterly meeting. We had a packed room, with standing room only  and attendees coming from as far afield as UK, France, Turkey and Germany. Giles Sirett (CEO of ShapeBlue, Chairman of the Group, and author of this blog)  opened the meeting with his usual roundup of all things Cloudstack:   Geoff Higginbottom (CTO of ShapeBlue & Apache CloudStack committer)  gave a good overview of the features of the upcoming 4.1 release of Cloudstack:   Oliver Leech (Platform Architect at Tata Communications) demonstrated using puppet to deploy applications within a […]

Bangalore cloud conference

 As the world transitions to the cloud era, the convergence of private, enterprise clouds and public cloud services offers exciting new possibilities to IT teams and businesses. This event will give an executive briefing on  the drivers, developments and innovations that are expected to influence the adoption of cloud over the next 12 months.The target audience for this event is senior IT and business executives.Our speakers from ShapeBlue, Citrix Systems and SunGard Availability Services bring insight from across the cloud world.Register here: Speakers  Giles Sirett.CEO, ShapeBlue. Giles has a unique insight into both the service provider cloud and private enterprise cloud spaces. He is CEO and […]