CloudStack Collaboration Conference, back in Las Vegas, September 9-11, 2019

It’s taken me a couple of weeks to write this blog, and not because it took me that long to recover from a week in Las Vegas! The CloudStack Collaboration Conference is part of ApacheCon, and this was a year for anniversaries – not only ApacheCon 20th anniversary, but an anniversary of sorts for CloudStack, as our first ever Collaboration Conference was in Las Vegas 7 years ago.

Just like 7 years ago (and every year since) this was a fantastic few days, with great talks and more evidence (if any was required) proving that Apache CloudStack continues getting better and stronger. What evidence? The representation at the conference from enterprises wanting to say ‘we use CloudStack’ (more on that later); the effort put into the hackathon where a room full of CloudStack users and developers talked passionately about new features; the sheer quantity of attendees (2nd largest registration ever) and the wide variety of talks on diverse topics (22 presentations over 2 tracks, plus a day long hackathon).

The conference started Monday, September 9, at 0900 when our very own Paul Angus (ShapeBlue’s CTO and current VP of the CloudStack project) took to the stage to welcome us to this year’s Cloudstack Collaboration Conference. Paul set the tone of the event by talking us through how the next few days look, and giving us a brief ‘State of the (CloudStack) Union’, talking about latest releases and features, the community, and how CloudStack has recently been recognised by Newsweek in their inaugural list of Best Business Tools in the ‘Cloud Services’ category. Paul also talked about the Apache Foundation (their mission statement always bears repeating: “The mission of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) is to provide software for the public good”).

I won’t be giving a summary of all talks but Paul’s talk was notable as we had a few quotes and special guests who wanted to tell us why they use CloudStack. These included:

BT Compute: Maurice Nettesheim, Head of Shared & Cloud Services:

“CloudStack gives us the full range of functionality we require while still being easy to deploy, scalable, flexible and robust”

Leaseweb: Jeffrey Kriegsman, Senior System Engineer

“We like CloudStack because it is highly customisable”

Ticketmaster: Jean-Francois Nadeau, Principle Systems Engineer

“CloudStack is simple to understand, extensible and upgrading is easy”

Apple: Anthony Shortland, Senior Manager, Cloud Engineering, Internet Software and Services

“The vast majority of Apple Services Group revenue is from internet services, and right in the middle of that is a very large CloudStack cloud”

This opening presentation was indicative of the days to follow. Fascinating talks and presentations, a day long hackathon and evenings spent in the company of this great, growing, vibrant community.

If you were there – I hope you enjoyed the event as much as I did. If you weren’t there – all the talks were recorded and can be found on the Apache Foundation YouTube channel, and all ShapeBlue slide-decks can be found below. Either way – I hope to see you at next year’s conference (location TBC), or maybe at the next CloudStack event, here in London Thursday, October 24. We have a CloudStack / Ceph day. Registration, information on presentations and more information here.

Thanks to the Apache Foundation and to Las Vegas for a great week!

Al ShapeBlue slide-decks:

Paul Angus – Welcome to CloudStack Collaboration Conference

Abhishek Kumar – CloudStack Locking Service

Rohit Yadav – Modern UI for CloudStack

Anurag Awasthi – Machine Learning applications for CloudStack

Rohit Yadav – The future of the CloudStack Virtual Router

Boris Stoyanov – Troubleshooting the Virtual Router – Run and Get Diagnostics

Andrija Panic – Ceph with CloudStack

Nicolas Vazquez – Open vSwitch with DPDK on CloudStack

Paul Angus – CloudStack Backup and Recovery Framework


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