CloudStack Kubernetes Service

The CloudStack Kubernetes Service (CKS) from ShapeBlue gives Cloud Service Providers a Container as a Service (CaaS) offering within their existing IaaS environments, with no disruption to user experience or business process.

The software gives end-users the ability to use multiple container engines such as Docker with CoreOS, and hosted container registries like Docker hub, Quay or Google Container Registry (GCE) as well as their own private registries.  It allows this whilst overcoming the biggest challenge for existing IaaS providers: how do they quickly offer their users a robust CaaS offering and, at the same time, do so with a seamless user experience and no disruption of  their existing IaaS business processes and commercial models.

The CloudStack Kubernetes Service is developed  as a plug-in to Apache CloudStack. It gives users the ability to create container clusters within an existing multi-tenant environment provided by CloudStack. The user experience is seamless: users can now mange container clusters and  deploy & manage cloud native applications all in the same user-interface that they use to manage their existing compute, network and storage. For service providers running dedicated or bespoke UIs, a number of simple API calls have been added to the CloudStack API to allow simple integration.

In a similar fashion to Amazon’s EC2 Container Service and Google’s Container Engine, users of your cloud simply pay for the resources that they consume to underpin their container clusters. This gives the advantage of requiring no changes to business or commercial models by the service provider.

Kubernetes provides the underlying platform for automating deployment, scaling, and operations of the application containers across clusters of hosts in the service provider environment. It defines a set of building blocks (“primitives”) which collectively provide mechanisms for deploying, maintaining, and scaling applications. The CloudStack Kubernetes Service provides this to users in a seamless user experience.

CloudStack Kubernetes Service – advantages

  • Configured in hours – start offering entperise grade container services immediately
  • Fully multi-tennant
  • Users use your existing CloudStack User Interface for containers and VMs together
  • No changes to product catalogue or billing processes required
  • Users can deploy cloud native applications into clusters of containers
  • Advanced cluster management tools
  • User can use industry standard deployment and management tools
  • Service Provider Pack gives end-user documentation and on-ramp

More Information

The CloudStack Kubernetes Service is part of the core functionality of Apache CloudStack as of version 4.14.

CKS Admin guide

CloudStack 4.14 admin guide

CloudStack 4.14 Release Notes