CloudStack European User Group (CSEUG) roundup – Berlin, February 27, 2020

Our late winter (almost spring) meetup saw us back in Berlin, hosted by iTelligence and Heinlein Support. The last CloudStack user group held here was June 2016, and we were looking forward to returning to this fantastic city. This was always going to be a great event – the room was at capacity, with attendees traveling from the UK, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Serbia, Latvia, the Czech Republic and Switzerland… and of course a few from Germany (sorry if I’ve missed anyone!). It’s always good to see lots of different countries represented, and it’s typical of this vibrant, friendly community that so many people are willing to travel to attend or talk at these events.

Once everyone had finished lunch, and had a chance to catch up, we all took our seats and were welcomed to the event by our hosts for the day (Maria and Andre from iTelligence, and Melanie and Pere Heinlein from Heinlein-Support), who gave us a bit of background on the German CloudStack User Group, took us through the day and evening agendas, and told us about the giant spaceship buried under Berlin!

After this unique introduction to the day, Giles Sirett (ShapeBlue) was welcomed to the stage for the first talk, setting the tone with CloudStack news past, present and future. To cater for anyone new to the group, Giles started with a brief history of the CloudStack User Group, and also CloudStack itself, before talking through recent and planned software releases and new features – including CloudStack Kubernetes Service, Backup & Recovery, and of course the highly anticipated new UI for CloudStack – Primate (more on which later).

As usual, all the days talks were recorded, but unfortunately they are very dark this time! However, you can hear the audio and see the slides clearly.

 Giles Sirett, CloudStack news:

Next up was Andre Paul, iTelligence, with ‘Importing VMware infrastructures into CloudStack’. This talk showed how the new VMware ingestion feature uses existing VMware Zones, and ‘imports’ them into CloudStack. Andre described the process by which database entries of already existing components of an existing virtual machine are created and how it enables CloudStack to safely manage such instances even though they were not initially set up by CloudStack.

Andre Paul, Importing VMware infrastructures into CloudStack:

After a short break, we welcomed Robert Sander (Heinlein-Support), with his talk ‘CloudStack and Terraform’. Robert’s talk provided an introduction on how to use Terraform to deploy CloudStack infrastructure (VMs, Networks, Storage, etc.) using the Terraform cloudstack modules.

Robert Sander, CloudStack and Terraform:

The next talk was titled ‘Primate, a new CloudStack UI’, and up stepped Paul Angus (ShapeBlue). There is currently significant effort going on in the Apache CloudStack community to develop a new, modern, UI (user interface) for CloudStack: Project Primate. In this talk Paul discussed why this new UI is required, the history of this project and how it will be included in future CloudStack releases.

Paul Angus, Primate, a new CloudStack UI:

The honours for the last talk of the day were given to Sven Vogel (EWERK), with his talk ‘Running Cloudstack and OpenShift with NetApp on KVM’. This talk provides an insight into the way in which EWERK run OpenShift (Kubernetes) Clusters on Cloudstack.

Sven Vogel, Running Cloudstack and OpenShift with NetApp on KVM:

After Sven’s talk, and the usual round of questions and answers, our hosts led us to a (very) nearby bar, where conversation, collaboration and debate continued long into the evening. Many thanks to our hosts and sponsors (iTelligence and Heinlein-Support) for organising a fabulous event and venue, to all our speakers (without whom these events would not be possible), and to the city of Berlin.

See you in London in June!

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Giles Sirett: Introduction and CloudStack news

Andre Paul: Importing VMware infrastructures into CloudStack

CloudStack and Terraform: Robert Sander

Paul Angus: CloudStack new UI (Primate)

Sven Vogel: Running CloudStack and OpenShift with NetApp on KVM

YouTube playlist of event:

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