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CloudStack Integrations: LINBIT – Open-source SDS Solution

Apache CloudStack is the leading open-source cloud orchestration platform used by many of the world’s largest public and private clouds. It is a multi-hypervisor, multi-tenant, high-availability Infrastructure as a Service cloud management platform. CloudStack is a virtualization platform that provides a cloud orchestration layer, giving automation of the creation, provisioning and configuration of IaaS components (such as virtual servers).

CloudStack delivers the flexibility of open-source technology together with the power of an enterprise-grade virtualization management platform. It is integrated with a wide range of software solutions so that it can provide you with the freedom to build your own technology stack, which is the best fit for your business needs and tech targets. In a new blog series named CloudStack Integrations, the Apache CloudStack Community presents a range of technologies with which CloudStack is integrated. At ShapeBlue, we are happy to share the latest specialized Technical Solution Briefs presenting a wide range of integrations, starting with LINBIT.

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LINBIT is the company behind the open-source storage software DRBD and LINSTOR. Since 2001, the company has been recognized in the public sphere primarily for its distributed replicated storage system for the Linux platform DRBD, which was officially integrated into the Linux Kernel in 2010 by Linus Torvalds.
LINBIT’s roots are deeply embedded in the open-source community, and its software and solutions are utilized by established organizations and businesses worldwide. They trust LINBIT because of the high performance and reliability they offer. This belief in open-source solutions and delivery of exceptional software products to established corporate environments is where LINBIT has carved its niche in the global storage market.

The Data Management Challenge

Organizations face challenges in improving structured and unstructured data access while reducing the costs to store it. Open-Source SDS and Cloud Orchestrator solutions take these challenges by separating data services from hardware and creating a new era for data access. By using software-defined storage solutions, companies can benefit from improved reliability and agility, exceptional storage performance and eliminated vendor lock-in.

CloudStack and LINBIT Integration – Solution Brief

LINBIT Solution BriefCombining Apache Cloudstack with LINBIT SDS creates a perfect environment for Cloud Providers, Hosting Companies, Finance Industries, ISP’s and many more.

LINBIT SDS provides organizations with the performance, simplicity, and flexibility they need from storage infrastructures. In addition, LINBIT SDS’ deep integration to Apache CloudStack offers scalability, data protection, and flexibility.

Along with the extensive management and scalability capabilities, the stack gives you the ultimate Open-Source solution while providing the lowest TCO, compared to any other proprietary solution.

Below you can download a detailed technical solution brief, presenting the integration between Apache CloudStack and LINBIT. Discover more about the architectural overview, the ways in which you can build a software-defined cloud with LINBIT and CloudStack and what are the technical and business benefits of using them together.

Download the Solution Brief

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