Mastering CloudStack with ShapeBlue’s Apache CloudStack Online Bootcamps

Companies choosing to adopt Apache CloudStack as part of their infrastructure have several options. Either to hire CloudStack professionals to help them by providing support, or to train their own staff. Those choosing the latter option can enrol their employee in our remote bootcamps, which are regularly held throughout the year, rather than doing the learning curve alone, which can be inefficient and much more time-consuming.

ShapeBlue’s Apache CloudStack Online Bootcamps offer an opportunity for companies seeking to excel in cloud infrastructure management. By registering for these bootcamps, you gain access to comprehensive, expert-led training that covers all aspects of Apache CloudStack. This includes mastering the deployment, configuration, and optimization of CloudStack environments, crucial for efficient cloud operations. The experienced instructors provide real-world insights and hands-on experiences, ensuring participants develop a deep understanding of CloudStack’s capabilities and best practices. Moreover, the online format allows for flexibility in scheduling, enabling employees to learn at their own pace without disrupting their work commitments.

The bootcamps are intensive, hands-on training programs designed to equip participants with the skills and knowledge needed to build and operate a CloudStack® cloud.

In this blog post, we will explore how these bootcamps are empowering individuals and organizations to harness the full potential of Apache CloudStack.

CloudStack Bootcamp Training Overview

The Apache CloudStack bootcamps cover a comprehensive list of topics, from the fundamentals of Apache CloudStack to advanced deployment strategies. Participants can expect to dive into:

CloudStack Basics: Understand the core concepts and architecture of Apache CloudStack, as well as learn to set up and configure CloudStack environments.

Networking: Explore the intricacies of cloud networking, including virtual routers and security groups.

Storage: Master storage management within CloudStack.

Advanced Scenarios: Tackle complex deployment scenarios and troubleshoot common issues.

Integration: Discover how CloudStack integrates with other technologies and tools.

The full agenda is as follows: 

Benefits of Joining the CloudStack Bootcamp

In today’s fast-paced technological landscape, a comprehensive understanding of cloud infrastructure management is indispensable. These bootcamps provide a unique opportunity for your team to acquire a deep knowledge of Apache CloudStack, equipping them with practical abilities for effective cloud infrastructure management. Such an investment in knowledge not only enhances individual career prospects but also bolsters your organization’s capacity to navigate the dynamic realm of cloud computing.

By enrolling in ShapeBlue’s Apache CloudStack Bootcamps, you can expect to:

• Gain an in-depth understanding of Apache CloudStack

• Learn practical skills for managing cloud infrastructure

• Boost your career prospects in the cloud industry

• Access valuable resources and support

• Get advice from CloudStack architects with extensive experience with the technology

• Learn how to become part of the Apache CloudStack Community

Meet Our Experienced CloudStack Instructors

One of the standout features of these bootcamps is the calibre of the instructors. ShapeBlue employees are industry experts with years of hands-on experience in managing cloud infrastructure. These instructors not only deliver theoretical knowledge but also share valuable insights from their practical experiences.

ShapeBlue’s CloudStack Bootcamp consists of 4 days of training that provides fundamental CloudStack knowledge to the attendees, helping them understand CloudStack architecture, its building blocks and how it works with different hypervisors and storage options.”

Andrija Panic, Cloud Architect at ShapeBlue


“The ShapeBlue bootcamp is the perfect entry point into CloudStack. With a healthy mix of theory and practice as well as lead by a very tech-savvy instructor, you are sure to walk away a very informed CloudStack user and administrator.”

– Lucian Burlacu, Cloud Architect at ShapeBlue

“The bootcamp helps ensure a uniform minimum level of ACS understanding, speeding up design and ensuring smooth operations post-deployment.”

Alexandre Mattioli, Cloud Architect at ShapeBlue

Who Should Attend?

Apache CloudStack Bootcamps are tailored to meet the needs of a diverse audience, including:

• Cloud Engineers: Looking to deepen their CloudStack expertise.

• System Administrators: Seeking to streamline cloud infrastructure management.

• IT Professionals: Wishing to gain a competitive edge in the cloud industry.

• Organizations: Investing in employee skill development and cloud projects.

A Word from Past Participants

“The CloudStack bootcamp was great in that the trainer [Andrija] is knowledgeable and he explained complex stuff as though it’s easy, which made it easy for me to learn how to set up and administer the CloudStack environment which is a necessary skill because most services are going cloud.”

Edward Nsapato, Telecom Networks Malawi


“The CloudStack Bootcamp provides a comprehensive walkthrough of CloudStack. The training my colleague and I received was extremely helpful in understanding CloudStack. We look forward to using CloudStack after this Bootcamp.”

Titus Baugus, Answering Genesis


“The CloudStack Bootcamp training was very insightful. It has reinforced our understanding of CloudStack and equipped us with the knowledge to perform various CloudStack operations, successfully”.

Macdonald Chamba, Telecom Networks Malawi

Upcoming Bootcamps

Ready to book your place? ShapeBlue regularly hosts these bootcamps, so you can choose a schedule that suits your timeline and time zone.

ShapeBlue’s CloudStack Bootcamps are your gateway to developing cloud infrastructure management. Whether you’re an individual looking to upskill or an organization aiming to excel in the cloud, these bootcamps offer the knowledge you need.


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