CloudStack as a VMware Alternative Guide


Avoid Vendor Lock-in & Ensure Long-term Reliability and Profitability with CloudStack as a VMware Alternative

CloudStack supports a variety of hypervisors including VMware, KVM, Citrix Hypervisor and XCP-ng. It enables CSPs and MSPs to tailor their cloud offerings to the diverse needs of customers without being constrained by vendor-specific limitations.

Solving the Challenges of Cloud Service Providers and MSPs

CloudStack can manage tens of thousands of physical servers installed in geographically distributed data centers. It is a powerful IaaS man- agement solution, but it is still easy to use and implement with a small team. Powered by a solid open-source community, Apache CloudStack eliminates the dependencies and allows you to follow your own cloud development plan, and use the hardware and software of your choice and business requirements.

Whether you’re seeking to augment your current VMware setup or transition to a more open and scalable cloud solution, Apache CloudStack stands as the optimal choice. Embrace the power of CloudStack for a seamless, vendor-lock-in-free cloud experience that aligns with the evolving needs of modern Cloud Service Providers.

No Downtime, Smooth Transition from VMware to Apache CloudStack

Apache CloudStack enables seamless migration of VMware workloads with minimal or no downtime. The platform’s integration capabilities with VMware vSphere ensure that existing virtual machines can be transferred seamlessly while maintaining continuous operations throughout the migration process.

CloudStack provides deep integration with the VMware vCenter API, allowing it to manage the vSphere infrastructure directly. This integration enables a controlled, phased migration where workloads are gradually transferred to CloudStack, ensuring stability and uninterrupted service.

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Apache CloudStack enables existing VMware users and gives an easy way for service providers to migrate to a fully open-source solution and eliminate vendor dependency.